Astronomical Casino

Astronomical Casino: 1 m roulette investment has no return

Time sequence can be everything in the casino. The seat on the right at the right at the right time can be the difference between the accumulated bonus and the victory of the house. Now you can follow the high quality watches of the casino theme on time.

Watches expert Jacob & Co. Established the 2014 ASTROMIA TOURBILLON complex design. This watch is far from their usual high-end fashion and eternal design, with more detailed timetable, there are many details depicting the movement of the sun, the moon and the earth.

This watch seems to be the beginning of Jacob & Co’s new sports. Whoever comes with a new watch made in veins, although this time this time uses a roulette theme. The following is this amazing supplementary detail about astronomical series watches. Jacob & Co.

A special casino inspiration landscape
Whether you are on the line roulette or never step on the foot inside the casino, it is difficult to deny this is a unique watch that has special details and processes. The roulette table will be set to the background of typical day elements above.

The roulette design is creative, subtle but bold enough to turn the head, because there is an unusual design of a roulette on the hand surface. The wheel of the roulette is almost like a monument, or there is a love letter of the most famous casino game throughout the time.

Undoubtedly a unique watch, with a considerable size, not hidden under the shirt sleeve. This is perfect for the casino, it is really a roulette player.

Hand, dial and case
However, the watch is not about aesthetics. The watchmaker that involves using advanced materials and achieves this caliber is the top of the game. This work is equipped with a manufacturer’s internal manual caliber JCAM2A with approximately 60 hours of reserve power supply and runs at 3 Hz.

The internal engine of the watch is hidden below for additional protection. However, it is visible when peeping through a first-class casing. For anyone who needs to blow a watch, in the convenience of convenience, the two keys are on the back of the housing, but closely seal to maintain complex aesthetics of the casino inspiration watch.

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Richard Mille launched the RM 65-01 automatic minute and second chronograph

Most of Richard Mille’s brands are based on combining advanced micromechanical technology with ultra-modern materials from the automotive and aerospace industries. Its latest timepiece RM equipped with a chronograph The 65-01 automatic minute and second chronograph continues this tradition. The company claims that it is also “the most complicated timepiece ever, leaving Richard Mille’s workshop.”

RM 65-01 This new movement was designed by Richard Mille’s engineers and the movement craftsmen of Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier (Parmigiani’s reputation, which includes watchmaking), and lasted about 5 years. year. Inertial balance that vibrates at an amazing speed of 36,600 vph (5 Hz).

Therefore, its integrated second hand timing device has an ultra-precise stopwatch calculation capability, reaching 1/10 of a second. With the exception of Zenith’s El Primero, other chronograph movements cannot achieve this accuracy. The framework of the movement uses six cylindrical wheels and vertical couplings. Viewed from the base, its mechanical “brain” is located on a grade 5 titanium chassis, supported by a bridge of the same material, and receives energy from the rapidly rotating barrel, which is in the 60-hour power reserve of the entire movement Maintain ideal torque.

The luxury men watch case is filled with power through new innovative features. This is a patented technology with a patented quick-winding device that is located at 8 o’clock on the tonneau-shaped Carbon TPT case Started by the pusher. Press this button for one hundred and twenty-five minutes, and the movement will be fully wound, which is also designed to maintain the best torque when worn on the wrist.

Like previous Richard Mille timepieces, the rotor has a “variable geometry”, which means that the wearer can adjust its inertia according to his level of activity to obtain the best spring output. The movement includes at least 600 movements, and has passed a series of tests that Richard Mille considers “relentless”, including anti-magnetic, water resistance, impact resistance and 10 years of simulated aging of the mechanism Test (where the winding button is deployed thousands of times).

Despite its complexity, the RM 65-01 is still a watch. The readability of all its functions is emphasized due to the clever use of color coding. Yellow is used for chronograph elements-hour and minute hands, hour hand and small seconds at 6 o’clock. Orange indicates the central chronograph second hand and the 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock respectively. The winding mechanism is bright red, the date is green, the second hand is blue, and its color is echoed on the pusher.

The bezel, strap and bottom cover are made of Carbon TPT, which is used in racing cars, Formula 1 cars and airplanes, and Richard Mille brought it to the watch factory in 2013. The crown and buttons are micro-blasted and satin-finished. Grade 5 titanium, the quick-winding button is made of red quartz TPT. Another technical feature of Richard Mille timepieces is: a gearbox-style function selector, the user can easily wind the traditional chain (W) by simply pressing the crown, and quickly adjust the date (D). ) And time setting (H).

Our watches are carefully designed, worn and used, and are praised, just like musical instruments that inspire strong emotions.

First, of course, for the automatic Mille model, it includes the seconds hand and the patented quick-winding mechanism, which is activated by a pusher at 8 o’clock. In 125 presses, the barrel has been fully tightened, “the next game can be scheduled on time.” Continuing the racing analogy, there is a new gearbox with a function selector located in the crown. Through this system, you can switch between traditional winding (W), semi-instantaneous date adjustment (D) or setting time (H) by just pressing the crown, so that the driver of the machine is under firm control.

And it is a polished beast. Each external surface (carbon, titanium or red quartz TPT) has fascinating details. Titanium substrates and bridges undergo wet sandblasting, PVD and plasma treatment; wheels are rhodium-plated and chamfered. The steel element sapphire is sandblasted; the other areas are diamond and hand polished, usually before the final touch to confuse the color.

Although the vibrant hues in Mille timepieces are not surprising, the replica RM 65-01 uses distinctive hues to encode functions, not just decorative ones. You will find the yellow touch time (hours, minutes, etc.); the date is displayed in green; the second hand and sub-dial of the chronograph are orange; the second hand is blue; and the second hand is blue. Red is the winding mechanism.

All in all, you need 600 years to complete the hodgepodge of work, which lasted five years, and only one team, but the collaboration of two teams can be achieved. The internal team is responsible for the design parameters and is led by Salvador Arbona, the movement technical director of Richard Mille.

The external team of Vaucher Manufacture consists of 150 employees and is headquartered in Fleurier, Switzerland, dedicated to the research and development of “engine blocks”. The idea is to create a timing tool suitable for professional and amateur racing drivers that incorporates all the technical capabilities of the brand.

Jean-Noël Lefevre, managing director of Vaucher, pointed out that the links between the two companies in Switzerland are very important. He said: “We design the power that drives the watch and make independent movements.” “Our suppliers are all locals… We belong to the watchmaking cluster, which integrates all the expertise and skills to produce high-end timepieces. .” RICHARD MILLE RM 011-FM

In particular, Vaucher studied the variable geometry rotor of the RM 65-01. Lefevre said: “Each design provides an opportunity to increase the complexity and innovation of watchmaking. These complexity and innovation represent the true mechanical advantage of the watch and the wearer.” “The variable geometry rotor also guarantees the machine. Optimization of the core winding mechanism and personalized user lifestyle.” A patented mechanism can change the inertia of the rotor by speeding up the winding to reduce the movement of the arm and hand, or slowing it down during strenuous exercise. “

You would think that there are many things that can go wrong here, which is forgivable, although Arbona has soothing words for any doubter.

“This is an automatic chronograph, its design is similar to our tourbillon, usually in extreme conditions can also meet the stringent requirements of daily wear.” Therefore, Arbona said that before providing a five-year warranty, it faced A series of “relentless” tests.

These contents cover the “full range of trials and tribulations” that the watch may suffer: shock and drop simulation; accelerated 10-year aging stage; water and magnetic field resistance tests.

How to sum up such a exact replica watches? Arbona: “Our watches are carefully designed, worn and used, and they are also admired by people, just like musical instruments that inspire strong emotions.”