• MILLENARY COMPLEXITY JEWELLED Just two decades after the Millenary was created, 2016 brings the launch of two new stunningly original designs powered by the clever in-house back-to-front 5205 and 5206 movements. Classic accents are reworked to bold effect: onyx and diamonds, gold and pearls now geometrically defined to create graphic dial patterns.
  • HYPNOTIC DESIGN This new graphic women’s design featuring diamonds and onyx interlayed in a hypnotic relief is revealed as a bold expression of precision craft. Classic techniques are abstracted to new effect: the Millenary’s zebra-like stripes come to life in brilliant-cut diamonds and velvet-black onyx.
    The design is all the more remarkable because the balance wheel and bridge are an integral part of the decoration: a technical challenge that reminds us how Audemars Piguet’s gem-setters and horological engineers work side-by-side, developing an unparalleled understanding of related crafts.


Replica Audemars Piguet underlines its contemporary approach to Haute Joaillerie, transporting pearls – the all-time classic jewel – into a new horological realm.
Over a century ago, seed pearls were used to decorate watch cases.
In 2016, an avant-garde re-think of traditional decorative techniques sees pearls light up the Millenary dial like little electric studs, creating a magnetic geometric weave against the gleaming black onyx.
This original timepiece required the special skills of a traditional jewellery workshop. Even before creation could begin, Audemars Piguet expert jewellers hand-picked each pearl for perfect roundness and size (1 mm diameter), and then set them with exceptional precision. The unique oval dial of the Millenary becomes a new canvas for pearls.