HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Chronograph

The new generation of blues mix and match style, the most stylish one on the wrist|HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Chronograph

If you pay more attention to the watch accessories on the wrists of football stars and entertainers, have you noticed that HUBLOT has appeared frequently in recent years? In fact, HUBLOT has been popular among the new generation of young collectors for a long time. Every watch has an eye-catching appearance like a limited edition. Collecting a HUBLOT is like collecting limited running shoes or even sports cars. Advanced fashion taste and fashionable attitude.

Of course, top watches with traditional craftsmanship and classical formal wear have a high symbolic status, but just as the representative colors and market trends of watches are different every year, the preferences of collectors also change with the times. The rising and growing new generation of collectors pay attention to the watch, which not only needs to have excellent watchmaking technology, but also pursues a trendy and eye-catching appearance; it not only pursues the recognition of the mass market, but more importantly, it can be really liked when worn on the hand. , to please yourself, and HUBLOT cheap is the choice of the Wish List of young collectors.

HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph Model Information Titanium, ceramic material / HUB 1280 Unico automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / flyback chronograph function / water resistance 100 meters / The diameter of the watch is 42 mm.

Looks great, of course
Sports bold and meticulous, is a master

When you see HUBLOT’s watch, you can understand why it has emerged from many brands and has become a brand sought after and eager to own by the new generation of collectors. Because regardless of appearance or technology, HUBLOT is definitely not a gentle, respectful and thrifty role. It is good at showing, highlighting, and creating a strong stage where it should be high-profile and worthy of attention; on the other hand, as a professional watchmaking level , HUBLOT also has a very high level of development technology, which is not only the focus of dazzling topics, but also has solid technology in precision machinery.

In terms of case material, our most common stainless steel is actually the least used metal for HUBLOT men’s watches. Instead, King Gold, grade 5 titanium, ceramics and sapphire crystal are more rare and more expensive. special material. Taking this Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph as an example, a sandwich case composed of 72 parts, combined with a grade 5 titanium case and a blue ceramic bezel, constructs an avant-garde and novel appearance layer by layer. , and the texture is tough and light to the touch; the titanium metal itself has a slightly gray-silver tone and HUBLOT’s special tone blue, with a cool tech-industrial style.

The case of a general watch is mostly a three-piece structure with a bezel, a middle case and a bottom cover, while the main structure of the HUBLOT sandwich case can be as many as five layers and a total of 72 parts. The assembly and polishing processes are naturally It is more complex, but it also creates a rich visual layer, creating a very futuristic and avant-garde appearance, and it is very suitable for the free matching of different materials. From top to bottom, it includes the ceramic bezel, the upper, middle and lower parts of the middle case, and the bottom cover of the bottom case. If the inserts below the bezel and the side of the middle case are added, the structure is compact and full of strength. Like a sci-fi product from a future world.

HUBLOT’s brand theme “Fusion”: Fusion is not only realized in the flexible matching of materials, but also in the processing level of surface polishing. From the front of the watch, most of the surface textures are matte, including the large area of ​​satin brushed lugs, and the matte luster of the ceramic bezel; but as long as you turn slightly to the side of the watch, the bright surface of the edges of the contours of each component The treatment is like the frame of a handicraft, adding a layer to the already very three-dimensional case. The bezel and the exclusive H-shaped screws on the watch side also cooperate with different parts to make different grinding effects. Details such as these show the meticulous nature of HUBLOT’s avant-garde styling that belongs to high-end watchmaking.

HUBLOT does not waste the open-worked dial of this perfect watch. The highly hollowed-out structure, including the hour-marking ring, the small second dial and the central area of ​​the dial, has been hollowed out to the greatest extent, so you can see the rare front. The column wheel, the central timing wheel and other gear trains, especially when operating the timing function, have many gear parts coupled with each other, which must be very healing for watch fans who like to appreciate mechanical movements.

You must operate the timing with a stable feel
Hard-core technology can convince you

The HUB 1280 Unico self-winding movement on the watch is the second-generation model of HUBLOT’s self-made Unico movement. The thickness has been reduced, so it can be suitable for models with a more moderate watch diameter, such as this 42mm Big Bang The Unico Monarch Blue Chronograph is not only more suitable for the wrists of most Asian men, but also suitable for women who like large watch diameters and are good at matching the trendy and avant-garde style.

The Big Bang Unico Monarch Blue Chronograph has a diameter of 42 mm, which not only fits the wrists of most Asian men, but also fits well with women who like large watch diameters and are good at matching trendy and avant-garde styles. The HUB 1280 Unico is the second-generation self-made chronograph movement of HUBLOT, which is thinner and has many optimizations in the design of parts.

In general, if you want to appreciate the pure mechanical rhythm of the movement, most of the watches need to be turned over to the back of the watch, while the Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph with an open-worked dial can see the special components of the movement. very clear. To this end, HUBLOT specially designed a timing module placed on the side of the dial. At 6 o’clock, you can see a column wheel with a very special tooth profile. The upper cover of the wheel has an H-shaped logo; the intermediary wheel below the hour mark 8 A highly hollowed-out tooth shape is also made, which looks lighter.

The HUBLOT has an open-worked faceplate, a highly hollow structure, and you can see the front column wheel, the central chronograph wheel and other gear trains. Specially shaped teeth are displayed through the large hollow dial, such as the column wheel and the chronograph intermediate wheel.

The balance wheel system uses a silicon escapement, which is more resistant to wear and is not affected by magnetic force; in particular, the screws on the balance wheel bridge are fine-tuned. The improved speed needle is an exclusive design of HUBLOT. All kinds of optimizations and improvements are fed back to the operating feel and stability of the timing function. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you must operate the timing function of the Unico movement yourself. It is laborious, and there is no sense of stuttering; with the timing button, it has a very technological appearance, and the operation is very similar to starting the ignition switch of a sports car, or operating some high-tech instruments; and after one-button start, The chronograph second hand is neat and clean when it starts or stops, as well as when it jumps back and forth.

There are indeed reasons why the younger generation of watch collectors love HUBLOT so much, because his avant-garde appearance shows his enthusiasm for life, a high degree of self-affirmation, and the movement and workmanship details reveal a professional adherence to watchmaking craftsmanship . The best HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue Ceramic Chronograph represents the attitude of a new generation, full of creative ideas, and the courage to express. If you are also a fellow, you must understand his extraordinary.