Super Sea Wolf With An In-House GMT Movement

Unveiled on the Monday before Watches & Wonders kicked off in Geneva, Zodiac’s latest iteration of its signature Super Sea Wolf line was arguably a bit lost in the shuffle of the news and newness of it all. high quality replica watches Today, I bring you here to remedy that error and give the duo its chance to bask in the spotlight now that we’re all less distracted, and less bogged down with big watch world launches happening every minute simultaneously. Maybe it is the unpredictable nature of springtime in New York, the false promises of a few sunny afternoons only to be overtaken by frequent rain and cold fronts, but I am thinking longingly of summer days to come. This wistfulness for summer is also bleeding into my watch-perusing habits, too, I fear. While (obviously) any watch can be worn at any time of year depending on preference, some stand out as more equipped than others to handle the heat, and more fitting of the descriptive “summer-ready.” For me, the Super Sea Wolf collection is one of those lines up to the task. Its frequent use of bright colors, its dive-oriented specs ready for a jump into a pool, high quality replica watches and its (relatively) reasonable price tag work in its favor in this regard. This newly released duo ticks those boxes while upping the functionality ante with an additional GMT function. Of course, this isn’t the first time Zodiac has introduced a travel-oriented GMT function into the Super Sea Wolf Line with an in-house movement. But this is the first time the complication enters the brand’s core catalog in a non-limited edition capacity. This evolution is possible thanks to the brand’s membership in the Fossil group, which has its own dedicated manufacturer – Swiss Technology Production (STP). The Super Sea Wolf GMT has debuted in two distinct color palettes – one a versatile and surprisingly tame mix of grey, black, and silver-hues, and one in black and white with a splash of shockingly vibrant hot pink. I think it is more than obvious which model is my favorite. The overall design language is that of the familiar mid-century stylings since the Super Sea Wolf line is nothing if not heritage-inspired at its core. What sets these models apart from other members of the collection is the inclusion of the 24-hour bezel, broken up by color to indicate either day or night and its complimentary GMT hand. Both watches have a 20mm lug width and are paired with stainless steel bracelets, but feel free to swap it out with a more spring and summer-appropriate strap. Housed in the reasonably sized 40mm stainless steel case lies the aforementioned movement, which is the STP 7-20 GMT automatic caliber. high quality replica watches This Swiss-made movement features a sweeping seconds hand, stop seconds, quick date correction, a power reserve of 40 hours, and features, of course, the complication for the GMT hand. All-in-all, this duo is a welcome and logical expansion of the continuously popular Super Sea Wolf line, feeling right at home with other members of the model family. For those interested in finding an aesthetically funky, travel-friendly wrist companion for warmer weather, either one of the newly introduced Super Sea Wolf GMT models more than holds its own at its sub-$2,000 price range. high quality replica watches