BREMONT lightweight type E watch

Bremont is our favorite watchmaker at Coolector HQ, because their efforts are obviously British. Since their establishment in 2002, they have been making fashionable, low-key and luxurious timepieces. The brand with its special editions and collaboration models and the latest flawless product is a collaboration model with Jaguar called the Bremont Lightweight E-Type watch. As you can see, it is indeed the most fashionable beast.

The Bremont lightweight E-Type watch is effortlessly cool, which is very consistent with the vehicle named after it. We are pleased to find that Bremont and Jaguar decided to make only six such timepieces, so the exclusivity is particularly high. Jaguar plans to launch six more legendary light Jaguar E-Type cars (a prestigious racing car), and every purchaser of one of the cars will get an amazing Bremont to accompany it. This is what we see in Coolector’s eyes Is enough motivation.

This well-made timepiece has some wonderful features that are perfect for the projects that make it, and the features of this absolute British watch include a 43mm dial based on a lightweight E-type RPM meter, each with a paired The car’s engine number, a customized chronometer and a proprietary self-winding movement with a power reserve of 50 hours.

If you like iconic British engineering and beautifully crafted timepieces, then the Bremont Lightweight E-Type watch has all the must-buy signs, but needless to say, it will not be cheap to do it yourself, because it also requires the purchase of a car, but if you With the necessary resources, we can think of several better watchmaking examples to spend money on.

The timepiece, in fact, the new Jaguar will make its public debut at the elegant car show in Pebble Beach, and in our humble opinion may become the star of the show. An excellent example of craftsmanship and British automotive and watchmaking traditions.

BREMONT ALT1-ZT/51 watch

Aviation watch specialist Bremont has been flying under our radar for a while, but one of their latest products (named Bremont ALT1-ZT/51 watch) surprised us again. Anyone in the market who wants a fashionable new watch with a unique aesthetic, this is probably the case.

The Bremont ALT1-ZT/51 watch is inspired by the limited edition P51 timepiece of a British watchmaker, and has a wealth of features that make it unique. Some of the most impressive of these include custom-made colorful Super-LumiNova® pointer markers, modified 13-type BE-54AE automatic chronometer and calfskin bracelet.

If you are a watch lover full of aviation charm, Bremont is your ideal choice, and their ALT1-Zt/51 watch will be a real winner. Take a look at the following photos:

This outstanding timepiece is crafted with the highest quality materials and will satisfy all the needs of aviation enthusiasts, adding to Bremont’s growing collection of amazing watches. We really like the style of this series. Although it is not cheap, you know you get the price paid by a reputable brand like Bremont. watches replica