The new Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat – technical excellence takes center stage

Urwerk announced the launch of the new UR-112 Aggregat, the name indicating that it has been transformed into a collection of proprietary technologies that Urwerk has been in practice for many years. Released as part of their special project series, this new watch is an adventurous new creation.

What is this new watch about? First, take a look at the video. This is an amazing mechanical project, built into the watch, with a jumping digital hour on the triangular satellite prism, and a running digital minute on its own triangular satellite prism. It is also equipped with a digital seconds hand and power reserve indicator. One bite, just to describe. It is easier to observe its effects:

Although all components are based on Urwerk’s expertise, the combination of these independent capabilities makes it a truly cool watch. Urwerk is famous for its rotating satellite time indicator. They are also known for rotating cubes mounted on mobile satellite arms, both of which move on different axes. The new UR-112 combines these two key technical capabilities. The hour indicator is a satellite structure with 4 triangular prism (we nicknamed Toblerone) panels. The satellite rotates on its own axis, while Toblerone rotates on its own independent axis. The satellite rotates a quarter of a circle every hour, and the Toblerone shape also rotates one circle, but since they are three-sided, each click is one-third of a circle. This allows the system to present a new face every hour to indicate the hour. To complicate matters more, a lever blocks the entire mechanism and stores the power of the mainspring in the remontoire mainspring, which is continuously wound by the mainspring. This spring is released every hour to make the whole mechanism move forward. So jump time.

A similar setting is used for the minute indicator. And the mechanism that drives it is exactly the same, except that the movement speed is faster, so the mechanism is not one step per hour, but one step forward every 5 minutes. Remontoire was cancelled, so the mechanism is in constant motion, which is called drag motion in watchmaking. According to Felix Baumgartner, this saves energy.

Merely describing the hour and minute indicator is already very complicated, but the movement is even more complicated. In an ordinary watch, all the power rotates on a plane. In UR-112, the torque released by the main barrel needs to be transmitted vertically to drive the satellite and its Toblerone prism. The system is extremely complicated, especially in the space provided within the case of the watch.

As always, the industrial design of the case and the aesthetics of the watch are our outstanding expectations of Martin Frei. The basic case aesthetics takes the similar form UR-111C and UR-CC1. The shape of the housing and the location of the display are similar. However, UR-111C and UR-CC1 have a rotating cylinder system to indicate hours and minutes, and display the passage of time with linear bars, reminiscent of the speedometer of a classic car, while UR-112 has its complicated rotating gyro system with prism installation On a rotating satellite. Needless to say, the UR-13.01 movement on the UR-112 is much more complicated. The aesthetic design of UR-112 also includes the flip cover that first appeared in UR-105. Open this cover to read the auxiliary indicators-seconds and power reserve indicator. This watch looks very aggressive and looks equally cool in the dark and well-lit conditions.

Urwerk UR-112 aggregate
UR-112 Aggregat is the newest member of the URWERK special project series, a laboratory that provides watch freedom and encourages stupidity. URWERK co-founder and watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and art director and designer Martin Frei started this new adventure from a blank page. There is also a sketchbook full of ideas.

UR-112 Aggregat is inspired by dreams of new mechanical challenges. Technicality is center stage. The beauty of UR-112 lies in the complexity of its gears and almost fanatical assembly accuracy. UR-112 Aggregat heralds a masterpiece in the watchmaking world.

Aggregat is a summary of 25.5 grams of distillation technology, providing a fully digital time display from a few hours to a few seconds. For watchmakers who bet on micrometers, this is a double or no challenge.

Starting from the hours and minutes, each is displayed on triangular prisms running under transparent cylinders. These cylinders look like floating mechanisms that can be appreciated through crystals.

On the left, the digital hour is displayed. Each of the 12 numbers is engraved with Super-LumiNova luminous material. The transcription of the time adopts the form of symbol display, which is rapidly switched to the timing rhythm. replica watches china

On the right, the same system displays the minutes. Minutes get rid of the singular pressure, but jump in increments of 5 minutes.

The operation of the jumping hour display is driven by the progress of the minute. At the 60th minute, release the force accumulated in the last 3600 seconds and change the time to the next hour.

But the main source of all these powers is rooted in the basic movement relative to this but Thai structure. A slender rod connects the main body and head of UR-112. This is the cardan shaft, the central part that is vital to the mechanism. A complex set of gears, a series of gears, enables the shaft to transmit all the energy required. This is despite a 90° shift. This kind of transmission shaft with double gears (one at each end) is perpendicular to the horizontal time indication.

“We named this watch Aggregat because UR-112 combines different elements. We use a single energy source to power all the displays and mechanisms of this UR-112. This force is carefully distributed, and some Even being “recycled”, so from the digital seconds on the top of the dial to the dragged minutes and the opposite extreme jumping hours, each display receives exactly its required energy dose without wasting it,” explains Felix Baumgartner.

The movement of the UR-112 is housed in a Hunter’s case with a hinged titanium protective cover. Press the buttons on both sides of the watch case to unlock the lid and pop up, revealing the carefully designed digital seconds hand. Next to the only analog display of the 48-hour power reserve indicator UR-112, it is etched on a tiny silicon wafer disc, and tiny numbers are arranged under a magnifying glass.

This first edition of UR-112 Aggregat is limited to 25 pieces and has a matte finish. It has a plain color, and the black body complements the lid of the same color. Beautiful and elegant. “This UR-112 is inspired by many and scattered sources. The Bugatti Atlantique’s grille is the most obvious. An excellent car with a contrasting spine that emphasizes absolute symmetry. Some Middle Eastern influences are also very much in my mind. Vivid. The memories, smells and experiences of traveling nourish my imagination and are present in all my creations. Discovered through subtle contact.” Martin Frey said.

Seduced by the nobility of the exquisite body of UR-112 Aggregat, it contains the most beautiful secrets.

Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat-Two-color version-Technical specifications
limited edition

Caliber: UR-13.01
Gems: 66
Escapement: Swiss lever type
Spring: Flat hairspring
Frequency: 4Hz; 28´800 vph
Power reserve: 48 hours on the chain
System: Automatic
Material: beryllium copper triangular time division prism; 8 titanium planetary gears; silicon second disc.
Surface treatment: round and straight grain, polished, Geneva corrugated, polished screw head

Jumping digital hours on a triangular satellite prism; running digital minutes on a triangular satellite prism; digital seconds; power reserve

Dimensions width 42 mm x length 51 mm x thickness 16 mm
Water resistance: pressure test up to 3ATM / 100 feet / 30 meters
Crystal: Sapphire crystal