Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Baguette white diamonds and tsavorite rose gold

Twin turbocharging: the next level

The story Twin Turbo Furious inherits the cool and unique and complex concept of twin turbos, and adds the single-button chronograph and pit-plate jet-difference calculator to the original double-triaxial tourbillon and the decimal minute repeater, raising it to one New level. Twin Turbo Furious has 832 components carefully hand-decorated and hand-assembled. It is a truly large-scale complex function masterpiece, providing a single combination of ultra-high-end mechanisms, all of which are unique to Jacob & Co..

Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Furious combine the exhilarating energy experienced by the world’s fastest cars with the unparalleled sophistication and mechanical sophistication presented only in the world of haute horology. Powering the Twin Turbo Furious’s main time display and single-button chronograph function is its dual three-axis tourbillon: the most complex, technically challenging and visually fascinating in the history of the tourbillon.

Twin Turbo Furious is housed in an exquisite ultra-light cage and rotates in space with lightning-fast but calculated continuous motions, relying on two adjustment mechanisms. Each of these three-axis tourbillons consists of an amazing 104 components-yet weighs only 1.15 grams. Part of the twin turbocharger s 832-component JCFM05 Manufacture Jacob & Co calibre is the decimal minute repeater-the strangest and rarest of all the timekeeping complications. Push the sliding device into the left side of the Twin Turbo Furious highly engineered case-made of 18K rose gold and carbon fiber, inlaid with diamonds and tsavorites-and listen to the crystal clear sound of its cathedral gong.

Twin Turbo Furious is another pioneering work by Jacob & Co, unique in the previous high-end watchmaking industry. Become a person who feels the energy of its two beating hearts and listens to its beautiful bells-experience an unprecedented high-end nice watches.

Dual three-axis tourbillon
The dual three-axis tourbillon is the most complex, technically challenging, and visually most encapsulating of all tourbillons. The tourbillon was originally invented as a single-axis rotating platform, used to carry the adjustment mechanism of a mechanical pocket watch to improve timing performance, and Twin Turbo Furious brought this 220-year-old invention into the future of fine watchmaking. Through cutting-edge engineering design and the most advanced manufacturing and manual assembly technology, Twin Turbo Furious’s dual three-axis tourbillon has become the ultimate solution for tourbillon to enhance timing performance. With 24, 8 and 30 seconds of rapid rotation and lightning-like speeds along three rotation axes, the engineering improvements of this configuration have only been replaced by its visual impact:

Minute repeater in decimal
Minute repeater is the most cherished complication for collectors and one of the most difficult complication for watchmakers to conceive. Nevertheless, Jacob & Co. tried to push the boundaries of technical feasibility when bringing Twin Turbo Furious to life. Most minute repeaters meet the hour, quarter and minute standards, but Twin Turbo Furious reports the time on demand every 10 minutes after the hour and before the minute. This is a very rare decimal minute repeater in the fine watchmaking industry. In fact, you can count the number of manufacturers with the decimal minute repeater with one hand, and there are still a few fingers left.

Another outstanding feature of Monopusher Chronograph Twin Turbo Furious is its Monopusher Chronograph. The horizontal clutch system is operated by a column wheel, which is connected to the button of the chronograph, which is integrated in the crown/crank system on the right side of the case. Unlike ordinary chronographs with two buttons, Twin Turbo Furious’s single-button chronograph uses only one button to start, stop and reset the chronograph.

The Pit Board function brings the Twin Turbo inspired by supercars closer to the fastest car world is its built-in mechanical Pit Board, which is a simple way to compare two elapsed times. Inspired by the old-style pit boards in racing cars, you can use the crank (pulled out to the first position and unfold) to move the color carousel and the central digital display to set the reference time. Then, when you operate the single-button chronograph normally, you can easily see the difference between the current time and the reference time you set. The seconds that are greater than the reference time are in the red (+) part of the pit plate, and the seconds that are lower than the reference time are in the yellow and green (-) parts. Unlike today’s electronic pit board, all of this is done mechanically.

Case and crystal
Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Baguette White Diamonds & Tsavorites is presented in a completely unique case, with excellent visual and technical complexity, as well as wearing comfort that can only be trusted by personal experience. The case measures 57 mm x 52 mm and is 17 mm thick. It includes a special curved sapphire crystal glass on the front and back, allowing you to fully appreciate the specially processed 832 component JCFM05 movement. The 18K white gold and carbon fiber case alone is composed of 88 parts. The 18K rose gold case and bezel are set with 153 baguette-cut diamonds (≈7.99 carats) and 191 baguette-cut tsavorites (≈9.3 carats).

Dial and hands
In order to make the chronograph instructions have the best legibility, Twin Turbo Furious has introduced a smoked dark gray sapphire crystal dial, which partially shows the components below it, while improving legibility. The periphery of the dial is made of a rare and peculiar material called Neoralithe, with Super-LumiNova hour markers. The hours and minutes are indicated by specially hollowed out two-color main hands, driven by delicate gears, connecting them to a dual three-axis tourbillon. luxury Jacob & Co.