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“Touchable” elegance Tasting the elegant 8 small size mother-of-pearl watch by fake Jaquet Droz Speaking of women’s watches that impressed me, Jaquet Droz Elegant 8 must be one of them. The Elegance 8 series is just like its name, meaning that this is a ladies-only series, designed to show the elegant characteristics of modern women. In fact, Jacques Droz has many fine and beautiful watches. The reason why this series can stand out from the many female watches of Jacques Droz and I am particularly impressed. The most important point is its extremely high degree of recognition-the number “8”. Highly condensed the essence of the watch design, let the elegance bloom to the fullest. Throughout the popular female watches on the market, most of the traditional round designs are adopted. The difference is only in the case craftsmanship and inlay material. However, the elegant 8 small size mother-of-pearl watch that I tasted today is not Let me have a bright feeling in front of me. (Watch model: J014603271)

We know that Jaquet Droz has always been known for his superb enamel craftsmanship and ingeniously designed automatic dolls. If the brand is personified, then Jaquet Droz in my inherent impression is like a skilled old craftsman. The appearance of the elegant 8 series changed my view of him and made me feel the other side of the brand’s elegance and tenderness. The elegant 8 small size mother-of-pearl watch does not present too much mechanical complexity. The watch uses only the simplest two-hand design, and the rose gold hands move slowly within the scale of the bezel, showing its charm.

In fact, the unique appearance of the elegant 8 series is inspired by the brand’s large second hand series. The prototype can be traced back to a pocket watch in the 18th century. The hour and minute display and the seconds dial overlap and intersect to form an “8” shape. The unique design aesthetics is impressive . When time comes to the 21st century, this design has been given a new connotation-elegance. This series embodies the “8” in an externalized form, extracting it from the two-dimensional plane, and independently becoming an entity. The “8” shape has also changed from the “visible” of the original large second hand series to the “touchable” nowadays, which makes me admire the brand’s persistence and strong innovation in inheriting classics. perfect Fake Watches

Viewed from the front, the dial is made of round-grained white mother-of-pearl, and together with a round pearl above the 12 o’clock position, it forms an “8” gourd-shaped case. The gourd is one of the most primitive mascots of the Chinese nation, with the auspicious meaning of avoiding evil and recruiting treasures. The appearance of Elegance 8 perfectly fits the gourd shape, and I believe it will also make the wearer feel this beauty and have a calm and elegant attitude towards life.

Different from the 35 mm diameter used in the previous Elegance 8 series, the small size mother-of-pearl watch has a diameter of 25 mm. This size is more refined and compact, which can demonstrate the well-proportioned and harmonious beauty, and is more suitable for petite bodies. Oriental elegant women.

“Thousands of beautiful and charming, fall in love with a drill.” The elegant 8 small size mother-of-pearl watch is decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds. Its overlapping inlay layout makes the overall lines smooth and soft, like moving clouds and flowing water. It also gives this watch a more layered elegance, which is for the preference for diamonds. For women, it is undoubtedly very attractive. replica Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Watches

The brilliance of pearls is often easily concealed by diamonds, but pearls exude distinctive glory and brilliance, which can best highlight the elegant side of women. The pearls used by Jacques Droz are not idlers either. This is a precious variety called Akoya seawater pearls. It presents a unique natural white color and its surface is as soft as silk. When I saw it for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel its softness by touching it with my hand. At this time, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pearl also turned. The addition of the ball-shaped design made the watch more playable.

The crown is designed with a unique non-slip texture, and a mother-of-pearl is inlaid on the top, which echoes the ball above 12 o’clock. The diamond set above the red gold buckle contrasts with the case design, which better demonstrates the elegance of the watch. Focusing your gaze on the back, the red gold automatic rotor fits the material of the case, making the watch a plus for its elegant look and feel.

In general, the unique “8” gourd design of the elegant 8 small size mother-of-pearl watch will interpret the elegance to the fullest, making it highly recognizable, and the scrollable pearls add more to the watch while wearing it. Playful. This watch really refreshed my impression of the Jaquet Droz brand. If you are also impressed by it, you might as well go to the counter to see its beauty in person. replica Jaquet Droz Automata Watches