Richard Mille launched a new RM 74-02 & RM 74-01

Two super special best Richard Mille models have two unique tastes.

When Richard Mille announces the release of its super exclusive model, this is always a special occasion, which tends to have a rich retail amount to go to the day. Today, Richard Mille is proud to launch two new luxury examples to join them. The first is that the appearance is RM 74-02, which is an automatic tourmate wheel, focusing on the combination of lightweight design and the most advanced technology. The golden carbon TPT case is the place where the internal skeleton automatic winding gym movement can accommodate a power reserve of 50 hours. Join lightweight design, Richard Mille installed RM 74-02 with a comfortable custom nylon strap.

The second watch makes it introduced to the head turn RM 74-01. The latest sports model of the brand has a matte titanium box that shows an intricate skeleton dial. Driving Richard Mille RM 74-01 is the internal CRMT6 Touring Motion, providing daily functionality and 50-hour power reserves. Complete the sport style of 74-01 RM RM 74-01, Richard Mille is suitable for new watches, with vibrant red leather straps and white gold buckles.

Replica Richard Mille RM 74-02 In-House Automatic Winding Tourbillon Watch

RM 74-01 and RM 74-02: Richard Mille has a TWins feature automatic tourbillon

Unparalleled precision and technical high complexity: two new variants of internal automatic gyro manufacturing movements are shown by RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 internal automatic tetling wheels. These two amazing expressions have the same hyperkelite heart, their housing materials and unique appearances make them different: double bullous twins have unique personality.

RM 74-01 has a gray metal ceramic, due to its excellent corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, is particularly suitable for housings. Gray metal ceramics bind to the light mass and ceramic hardness of titanium, and consist of a metal zirconium matrix, which is enhanced by high performance ceramics. The hardness of this material can be comparable to diamonds. Richard Mille and Groupe IMI’s micro-technology experts have spent many years to develop this material and unique gray. The building is accomplished by an intermediate portion, a bridge, and a sheet made of 5-stage titanium.

On the other hand, RM 74-02 uses another material that Richard Mille is exclusively used in tabular art: Gold Carbontpt®. In this case, the technical challenge is integrated with the unique composite (gold foil) – its development takes more time. As a watch assembly that is only derier than its light, it has a wonderful contrast between matte black carbon and golden gloss. Its dark profile is interleaved with 24 carat lines, which extends to the entire dial and the red gold medal of the case, and its polished column is connected to the gold frame.

The internal manufacturing movement beat the core of these models: CRMT6 and RM 74-02 on RM 74-01. RM 74-01 PVD [1] circuit board and electrical bridge selected material is 5-stage titanium coating, and a mass slurry method is used, while RM 74-02 is preferred for gold and red. The tethernew wheel governor has the rhythm of the free balance wheel, and its constant energy flows through the rapid rotation box are allocated with a gear transmission with an inclined teeth to ensure 50 hours of mechanical ballet.

Both movements extract energy from the rotors with variable geometric shapes, which makes the upper chain of each watch to adapt to its owner’s profile.

RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 The unique thin thin lines make the gourmet become the focus of everyone, they are placed in 6 o’clock. Beautiful decoration with a height ring with oblique flower-shaped decorations attracts the eyes of the movement, while hand-made modifications make these two exquisite expressions to draw dragons, and will integrate elegance and watchmaking art. Fake Discount watches