Jacob&Co. Astronomy Tourbillon French Baguette Rose Gold

Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia replica watch is a very complex and complicated mechanism, so it can be made into a very unique and exquisite watch. Below its spherical globe, there are four arms that rotate like a sapphire crystal-one rotation every ten minutes. The four “satellites” on the arm include a triple gravitational tourbillon, a magnesium globe (which rotates the arm once every thirty seconds), a faceted diamond moon (which also rotates every thirty seconds), and a sub-scale The dial displays the hours and minutes and rotates at the same time to ensure that the dial is always in the correct 12/6 orientation.

It is definitely not a clock for a wrist watch or a wallet. It has a diameter of 50 mm. The thickness is only 25 mm, do you really want it? According to Jacob & Co., the background of the Astronomia watch has “a total of 342 invisible inlaid rectangular cut diamonds” and “80 invisible inlaid rectangular cut diamonds” are also inlaid in the lugs. The base of the dial is set with 133 triangle-cut white diamonds, which are 16.8 carats in total. People don’t always understand the amazing cost of luxury timepieces, but it is clear why this timepiece is so expensive.

Jacob & Co. replica Rasputin Diamond Fun Minute Repeater Watch

If you think that astronomy is difficult to surpass, you are correct in most cases-but not when it comes to Conor McGregor. The fighter is also addicted to another Jacob & Co. timepiece, but with some very cautious but complicated complications. The Rasputin Diamond Erotic Minute Repeater watch is a rare series of five watches. The case and dial are completely covered by diamonds-a total of nearly 30 carats. The case is quite large, but smaller in diameter than astronomers, 47 mm in diameter and 17.9 mm thick.

If you have the opportunity to watch the watch in metal, you will be very surprised. Not only will you hear the exquisite bell of the minute repeater, but you will also find yourself blinded by the brilliance of the all-diamond luxury replica watches. You will also notice the hidden pornography mechanism of the watch, which reveals a couple having sex when the slider of the minute repeater is activated. Although the backs of many sex watches have “naughty” complexity, Jacob & Co. has developed a good compromise for watch owners by installing activated windows on their fronts.