Audemars Piguet code 11.59 self-winding

It is difficult to make new things. It’s especially difficult to make something new when you get rid of dependence on one of the most iconic designs in the history of watchmaking for nearly 40 years. This is the burden on the shoulders of replica Audemars Piguet, who has just launched a large, modern new series called Code 11.59 that aims to do just that. By dividing the six original new models into 13 references, including three new movements, Code can be said to be ambitious. But is this the watch everyone is waiting for? Is it enough to create a future where AP is not only Genta’s stainless steel masterpiece?

We have discussed each new model: the minute repeater here, the hollow tourbillon here, the perpetual calendar here, and the self-winding tourbillon model here. However, for the standard three-hand and chronograph variants (also 41mm watches, like the models mentioned earlier), the stakes may be higher, and this is likely to be the cornerstone of the series. With these two watches, it is difficult to decide which is bigger here: a new case and trendy dial aesthetics, or a newly developed movement – ​​one of them happens to be AP’s new internal integrated chronograph movement. Fans have been begging.

These days, few new series appear without mentioning either the competitors or the historical models of the brand. However, the Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) code 11.59 watch is not real-it is getting better. In the best case, the new three-hand dial is both stylish and modern. The smooth lacquer on the dial is embellished with golden cordon and uses 12-3-6-9 Arabic numerals-it looks like the one we saw last year The ambiguity used by JLC Polaris-here-and the 4:30 date and time. Although the chronograph is busy, it seems to be the most faithful part of Audemars Piguet DNA. It always uses modern numbers, the case uses a gold case, and a sports tachometer replaces the 60-minute chronograph ring on the three-hand dial. . In the worst case, the dial design will not really challenge the viewer – they feel safe and stylish, rather than the type of destructive items that make AP stand out in the modern luxury watchmaking industry.

As mentioned earlier, both watches are equipped with a new movement: the 4302 movement uses a three-hand variant, the 4Hz movement, with a 70-hour power reserve. This movement actually belongs to the same family as the real star of the show: the new self-winding 4401 movement is a fully integrated in-house chronograph, and AP fans have always wanted to bring it into the Royal Oak series. This column-wheel-driven flyback chronograph movement has the same chronograph as the three-hand version (4Hz, 70-hour reserve, instant date beating), as well as a skeletonized gold tourbillon so that the viewer can See the movement more broadly.

Brand: Audemars Piguet
Model: Code 11.59 automatic winding, Code 11.59 automatic winding chronograph
Size: All are 41mm wide
Water resistance: not yet determined
Case material: red gold or platinum
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire
Movement: automatic winding: movement 4302, automatic winding chronograph: caliber 4401
Frequency: 4Hz
Power reserve: all 70 hours

With the movement and dial aside, it seems that CODE really needs to be viewed from the side or angle to fully appreciate the dynamic structure of the hollow lugs and the octagonal middle shell. Each brushed lug flows neatly into the bevel and polished lines of the bezel (after all, they are actually welded to the bezel), forming a dynamic, multi-faceted surface area that is strong and elegant at the same time-this is the best AP Iconic logo historic design. In these shapes, the new Audemars Piguet code 11.59 series seems to be able to really carve out its own identity-we are eager to put it on the wrist to get some suitable first-hand impressions.

Not only one person evades the view that AP’s performances at SIHH in the past few years are not entirely original. Even Audemars Piguet itself is never afraid to admit that the brand must be recognized more than replica Royal Oak. But what we don’t know is that Le Brassus has been working hard for a long time to design a collection that aims to prove to its fans and customers that this collection is more than just a miracle.

But what Genta has proven many times is that creating icons on demand is not so easy. Before gaining widespread praise, the Royal Oak and Nautilus both fought for a foothold. And, if you can build icons on demand, every brand will do it, but it has never been easier. In the past five years, many SIHH brands have launched new collections-Vacheron Constantin’s FiftySix, Piaget Polo and JLC’s Polaris collections all immediately come to mind, but all three of them are slightly modernized renewals of historical references. use. As a brand new product, CODE breaks this situation, but is it far from the goal that fans expect to succeed in business?

It is best not to publicly express your opinions until you have the opportunity to experience all the new models in Geneva a few days later. But for now, the only real opinion I want to make is about the name of the collection itself: “replica CODE 11:59“, which is an acronym that stands for “challenge, possess, dare, continue to develop”, and represents the series Timestamp. The last moment before a brand new day (or a minute you can take a break at noon – depending on who you ask and how long you like to read) – is probably a milestone that AP believes has been laid. The whole compulsory meaning is somewhat hollow, echoing the same arrogance and atmosphere designed by the committee, which seems to promote early community feedback on the series.