NEW RM 07-01 Automatic Starry Night

Flore Giraud – To the peak of success! “A real breath of fresh air!” Richard Mille fake is pleased to welcome Flore Giraud, France’s most promising platform champion, into the Richard Mille horse stable. In a sport that is regaining popularity globally, Flore has taken a leap on its way to peak performance.

The 24-year-old girl said: “I was riding a horse even before I was born.” She admitted that her passion for all equestrian sports comes from her mother. “When I was a little girl, you could not take me out of the horse. I was riding a horse, dressing up, and organizing my clothes-if they allowed me to sleep there too! I had my first one when I was four Shetland Islands money, began to participate in the competition at the age of eight.” Since then, the world has become the stage for her world-renowned success in the national and international grand prix, such as Knokke (Knokke), Equita Lyon, Wellington and United States The 2019 Longines Masters in Paris.

“It takes keenness to cultivate a relationship with horses. They have given you a lot. You really have to build an instinctive relationship. It takes years of dedication. Of course, they feel the importance of the big day. They are far away from home and feel When it comes to the crowd. The most important thing is that they will feel your adrenaline. After all, you ask them to achieve incredible achievements. If you don’t work hard, you won’t get it.”

Flore works at the Haras de Lécaude estate near Deauville, Normandy, France. The facilities are the most advanced, equipped with a four-season cycling arena, galloping equipment and a spa. Florey insists that “real athlete” horses are only the best and should be massaged to relieve their massive muscle demands. “It’s exactly the same as a Formula One car. Edward Levy and I are two Harrah’s drivers, but all the employees around us form a team, just like the technicians you find in the pits.” Psychological attitude is 90% of the sport, and Flore has his own psychological coach. “This quickly becomes a virtuous circle of victory, positive attitude and how to deal with any phase of failure.”

When Flore met Amanda Miller, things immediately “rang”. Both parties have a common vision for the role of women in international competition. “Having a sport where we compete on an equal footing with men is almost unique. The most important thing is that the brand’s commitment to detail impressed me. Our performance lasted a minute, but after many years of preparation. Every second Very important. I like perfect details.” Don’t forget another important feature that Flore gives CarbonTPT® and Titanium RM 07-01-extremely light. “This is exactly what I am striving for as I approach every obstacle.” The 24-year-old French lady is clearly accepting the challenge of the 2024 Paris Olympics. There is no doubt that Flore intends to clear everything on the road. obstacle!

RM 07-01 Automatic Starry Night is characterized by a special setting that depicts a starry sky. In addition, the RM 07-01 self-winding movement is also equipped with a charming gold and carbon TPT gourmet bracelet. Therefore, there are two new models that put high-tech, lightweight and at the same time resistant materials at the center of attention.

It is Carbon TPT, which provides ideal protection for sports, while providing very attractive aesthetics, brocade effects and moiré patterns. The RM 07-01 Automatic Starry Night features the claw-shaped inlay of gems, so the constellations can be described on the bezel and dial. Through the “Starry Night” setting, the House of Representatives confirmed its expertise in carbon TPT processing. Unlike gold, which allows craftsmen to use their own tools to make jaws for fixing diamonds, the hardness and strength of Carbon TPT require a specific CNC machine equipped with a diamond milling machine to achieve the crimping function.

Then put the hand-polished and separately produced 5N red gold bezel into the seats of different diameters to firmly “enclose” 181 diamonds of different sizes. Through the combination of two materials, the RM 07-01 self-winding watch has a new interpretation of the gourmet bracelet. The chain links are interwoven with Carbon TPT and 5N rose gold, all finished by hand.

This soft bracelet combines matte and gloss effects, and is also flexible and extremely resistant. The carbon fiber TPT bezel and case back emphasize the central part of the 5N red gold case. These two new models have all the typical technical functions of the fake RM 07-01 series. Both are powered by an internal CRMA2 movement, a skeletonized automatic movement with hour and minute hands, and a rotor with variable geometry.