Patek Philippe Nautilus 5720/1 “Dragon”

With the Nautilus 5720/1 “Dragon”, the Patek Philippe brand has pushed the value and finishing methods to new heights. This is a special edition specially designed for the brand’s authentic store in Shanghai. This location is the largest agent of the brand in the Asian market.

It is still the familiar Nautilus case, but the entire dial is studded with diamonds. This means that the case, dial and strap even have a sparkling appearance that has caught everyone’s attention. Patek Philippe is not known for making jewellery watches, but this does not mean that they cannot make beautiful diamond replica watches. The highlight above the diamond background is the image of the dragon god made by hand enamel. Workers must sweep each layer of fermentation to the dial, and then heat it at the right temperature. This process will be repeated dozens of times until the desired hue is obtained.

A small defect in the heating process is enough to damage the dial. Therefore, the enamel method requires very high precision. Not only the dial, but the bezel of this Nautilus is also painted with many details, such as the dragon’s tail and the dragon’s hand holding jewelry. These two details are directly connected with the body of the dragon on the dial, forming a complete microcosm.