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New Tudor BLACK BAY CHRONO DARK Replica Watch m79360dk-0001 41mm PVD steel case steel bracelet

Tudor replica specifically selects the Royal Series and the Rose Series: a Christmas gift for “Little Knight” and “Little Princess”

Every wonderful life journey, if traced back to the source, may come from the little knight or princess in our heart who is a little bit “unknowing about the heights”. Even now, some people have a successful career, some have a happy family, some are still striving for ideals, and some are waiting obsessively for love, but under the appearance of an adult, that soft figure always reminds us of the little excitement and care at the beginning of our dreams. move. This Christmas, Tudor specifically selects the Royal Series and the Rose Series to give you the little knight and little princess in my heart. I wish every tired body can take off guard and spend a peaceful night.

The Tudor Royal series is famous for its perfect integration of harmonious and elegant style, and flexible and versatile characteristics. The name “Royal”, which began in the 1950s, is used to further highlight the outstanding quality and rich historical heritage of the watch. The one-piece strap and pit pattern outer ring have become the eye-catching features of this series, both sporty and fashionable. With a rich choice of stainless steel and gold steel models, 4 sizes, and 9 dials, no matter the size of the wrist, the ever-changing dress style, and the colorful life scenes, it can be matched freely, making it extraordinary.

The Tudor Rose series strikes a balance between simple design and feminine elegance, perfectly matching the spiritual character and aesthetic appeal of contemporary women, revealing a different kind of sexy and charm. The exquisite embossed pattern is embellished on the egg white dial, and then decorated with blue lacquered Roman numerals or diamond hour markers, and the blue dome-shaped spinel on the crown becomes the finishing touch, continuing the usual rose series Aesthetic characteristics-exquisite and distinctive style coexist.

Tudor Royal Series

The TUDOR Royal series is equipped with an integrated strap and pit pattern outer ring, equipped with a self-winding movement, both sporty and fashionable, flexible, versatile and affordable, providing an ideal for quality-conscious watch wearers Choice.

Tudor first used the name “Royal” in the 1950s to highlight the outstanding quality of its replica watches swiss, and the Tudor Royal series is the continuation of this historical heritage. This series of watches are both sporty and fashionable. They are equipped with an integrated watchband and pit pattern outer ring, automatic winding, affordable and superior quality. The combination of outstanding performance and exquisite style draws on the dual characteristics of classic watches and sports watches. This series will launch stainless steel and gold steel models, a total of 4 sizes, 9 dials are available.


“Royal” Style

Since its establishment in 1926, Tudor has been committed to creating a high-quality watch with perfect quality and affordable price. Regardless of the past or the present, TUDOR has always upheld the watchmaking vision of the brand founder Hans Wilsdorf and adhered to the brand mission of innate courage. Hans Wilsdorf laid the cornerstone of modern watchmaking and defined the standards for a watch to be precise, waterproof and equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. And his extraordinary courage made him dare to dream of making a watch with outstanding performance and affordable price, and thus founded the cheap Tudor brand. The Royal series is a model of inheritance of this strict watchmaking philosophy, so that every wearer can enjoy the extraordinary quality worthy of the Tudor brand at an affordable price. The case of this series of watches is made in Switzerland and is made of a single piece of 316L stainless steel. It is equipped with a screw-in winding crown and a back cover to ensure that the waterproof depth can always reach 100 meters (330 feet) when worn. The internal movement is hidden, exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite decoration, and finely adjusted according to the strict standards of the watchmaking industry, which is a model of Swiss micro-mechanical craftsmanship. The dial and hands are refined in Switzerland by highly skilled professional watchmakers. The “Five Links” watchband, with its unique design, rigorous craftsmanship and exquisite polishing, brings a smooth, comfortable, simple and flexible wearing experience. These features and many details are undoubtedly the persistence and embodiment of the extraordinary quality of the Tudor Royal Series, and a more profound interpretation of the brand spirit of Tudor and the watchmaking philosophy of excellence as always.

One-piece strap, both sporty and fashionable

The Tudor Royal series perfectly blends harmonious and elegant style with flexible and versatile characteristics, and is an outstanding work showing changeability and individuality. The design details give it a unique personality. The polished finish of the pit pattern outer ring is separated from the pit pattern cutting, which is particularly eye-catching. The series watches are equipped with a one-piece metal strap, which is integrated with the case, highlighting the smooth, free and modern atmosphere of the Royal series. The spacer links are finely polished, and the outer links and middle links are treated with a frosted effect, with exquisite craftsmanship and unique ingenuity. The surface of the strap links is flexible and smooth, and the edge detail processing implements Tudor’s long-standing emphasis on wearing comfort. In addition to the stainless steel model, this series can also choose a gold steel strap with intervening links, and the exquisite finishing effect can meet diverse needs. There are four sizes available for Tudor Royal Series watches, suitable for wrists of various sizes. The 41mm model is particularly special, with a mechanical movement capable of displaying the day and calendar at the same time.