Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino Watch Replica AT160.40.AA.AA.A Jacob and Co Watch Price

Astronomy is the epitome of high-end timepieces in the 21st century and a symbol of global recognition for Jacob&Co watchmaking expertise. Astronomy ranks first in the world in terms of its unprecedented conceptual courage and complete mechanical construction. It not only surpasses impressive horological achievements, but is also considered an outstanding multidisciplinary engineering achievement. Redesigned from the ground up, Astronomical Solar is the most compact in our unmatched astronomical movement series.

Despite the compact design, the Astronomia Solar Planet Jewelry still shows the precious planets in our solar system, because the 288-sided jewel sphere Jacob-Cut® is placed on the rotating platform of the Astronomia solar movement. Its three main arms are equipped with a differential drive auto-leveling time display, and the hand-painted blue magnesium metal globe can perfectly display the one-minute flying tourbillon adjustment mechanism Planet Earth. Its auxiliary arm has three Jacob-Cut® gemstones with 288 facets and a 1.5-carat citrine mounted in the center to represent our sun. The astronomical solar planetary jewelry brings exquisite artistry, highly refined and completely mechanical entertainment to our solar system, which is unprecedented and worthy of appreciation.

The exclusive JCAM19 movement of Astronomical Solar Planetary Jewelry is an exquisite original watch that stands out in the exquisite astronomical movement series, offering a smaller case size and redesigned proportions. Astronomical solar jewellery is composed of 444 parts, all of which meet the highest standards of high-end watches and have two rotating platforms. One is composed of the three main arms and auxiliary arms of the movement, and the other is an observatory composed of astronomical telescopes as its spectacular rotating background.

The rotating platform of the JCAM19 movement completes the rotation around the center of the watch in less than 10 minutes, and at the same time drives the Dongling Skylayer in a counterclockwise direction, adding animation effects and complexity to this unique astronomical watch craft.

In the astronomical solar French baguette Arlequino, the sun is represented by a yellow 288 faceted Jacobian cut sapphire (approximately 2 carats), which is placed on top of the movement.

The tourbillon was originally a single-axis rotating cage fixed from above and below to carry the adjustment mechanism of a mechanical pocket wholesale watch to improve timekeeping performance. Astronomy’s Sun Planet Jewelry proposed this 224-year-old invention In a more spectacular way

The one-minute flying astronomer’s solar planetary jewelry tourbillon has a beautifully decorated cage, covering the balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel and many other vital parts. This hollow rose gold cage not only has the J&Co logo in its construction, but also is only fixed from below, allowing you to see the details and operation of the final improvement. This is a set of superb finished products, after professional assembly and fine-tuning, can make JCAM19 maintain accurate time in its 48-hour power reserve.

The basic dial is completely invisible with 257 rectangular-cut multicolor sapphires (≈12.65ctw), which is the spectacular backdrop of the rotating satellite above. This makes the perfect combination of cutting and inlaying skills and super high-end watchmaking craftsmanship, which is unique to Jacobs.

The lugs of the 18K rose gold and sapphire case are hand-set with rectangular cut white diamonds.

Astronomical solar planetary jewelry has a case diameter of 44.5 mm and a thickness of 21 mm, between the highest point of its specially curved front sapphire crystal and the lowest point of the case. Its 18K rose gold case is equipped with a sapphire crystal glass window on its periphery, allowing you to observe the magnificent movement and gems inside. The hollow lugs further help people pay attention to the universe living inside the astronomical solar planetary jewelry-this tiny but important detail brings people’s attention to the center of the clock.

The time display sub-dial of the chronometer is driven by an infinite differential system. Even if the movement’s four-arm platform executes its continuous 20-minute track, it can always be level and therefore clear and easy to read. The Roman numerals on the hollow dial are hand-engraved and painted with black varnish, while the hand-made hands are dark blue metallic.

Jacob & Co. flying tourbillon, time display, hand-painted magnesium alloy globe and three 288-face Jacob-cut gems, make the dial rotate clockwise in 10 minutes.

The sun is represented by yellow 288-face Jacob cut sapphires (approximately 2 carats)

The dial with eight planetary wheels rotates counterclockwise in 10 minutes

The basic dial is made of rectangular cut sapphire

The lugs of the 18K rose gold and sapphire case are hand-set with rectangular cut white diamonds.

The eight planets are represented by semi-precious hemispheres: white granite represents Mercury, Rhodonite represents Venus, Red Jasper represents Mars, Pietersite represents Jupiter, Tiger Eye represents Saturn, Blue Calcite represents Saturn, and Lapis Lazuli represents Neptune

The upper component rotates clockwise in 10 minutes, and the multi-color sapphire inlay base that holds the planets rotates clockwise in 10 minutes, so the astronomical sun zodiac has never appeared the same twice

Item Number: AS800.30.BD.UC.ABALA

Movement: Exclusively manufactured Jacob&Co. Manual winding JCAM28; diameter: 34.55mm; height: 16.50mm; components: 447; material: titanium; functions: hours and minutes; power reserve: 48 hours; frequency: 28,800 vib / h ( 4 Hz); gems: 43; finishing: plates and bridges: sandblasted and angled; gear train: round texture, polished sink; polished screws; barrel: round pattern; balance spring.

Function: 3 arms vertical movement, fully rotating around the central axis within 10 minutes

• Flying tourbillon cage in 60 seconds
• Rose gold and blue painted globes rotate in 60 seconds
•Hour and minute dials, patented differential gear system ℗ can maintain 12/6 o’clock position

The Citrine Jacob Cut® on the top of the movement (288 facets; ≈2cts).

Situation: Diameter: 47mm; Height: 21mm; Material: 18K white gold, inlaid with 52 baguette white diamonds (≈13.46cts); Layered front shell: 240 French baguettes multicolor sapphires (about 10.94cts), along the reverse direction Rotate the hour hand for 10 minutes; case back: 18K white gold; strap: single piece of sapphire crystal; bow shape: winding and timing through two 18K white gold bows on the case back. Crystal: unique hemispherical sapphire, after double anti-reflection treatment; water resistance: 30m (3 atm).

Dial and dial: titanium, hand-angled and polished, lacquered hour markers; hands: hands designed by Blued Jacob & Co..

Strap and buckle: alligator leather; clasp: 18K white gold folding clasp, set with 21 baguette diamonds (about 1.07cts).