How about the Carl F. Bucherer watch

In 1888, Carl f. Bucherer and his wife, Luise, opened the first watch and clock jewelry store in falkenplatz, Lucerne. They are a successful couple: his entrepreneurial characteristics, artist talent and keen awareness of the trend of fashion and social trends perfectly complement his wife’s pragmatic and managerial skills. Their success has laid a solid foundation for the Bucherer group as we know it today.

In 1910, Carl f. Bucherer’s two sons understood his father’s vision. His older brother, Carl Eduard, was trained as a goldsmith in London, England, while his younger brother Ernst was in London St.Imier Become a professional tabulator. They inherited the broad knowledge of their parents and led the company to a new career peak. Due to strict adherence to his father’s instructions, they set up distribution outlets all over Switzerland. In 1919, Carl and Ernst Bucherer formally established their own watch factory and brand, realizing their enterprise vision.

From 1915 to 1923, bozilai’s watch and jewelry fame quickly swept through the German upper class. It was the emblem of the famous Bucherer shop at that time, symbolizing the noble status of the Royal watchmaker.

In 1967, Bucherer Group acquired credos’ watch factory in nidau (near Biel), the center of Swiss watchmaking area, and changed its name to Bucherer montres S.A. During the same period, bozilai, together with nine other watchmakers, jointly invested and manufactured the first quartz movement in Switzerland, beta21. From 1968 to 1976, Bucherer group was the leader in the field of watches and clocks, and ranked among the top three in the world by Switzerland’s official c.o.s.c. observatory. During this period, the Bucherer group produced nearly 15000 watches a year certified by the c.o.s.c. observatory.

In 1978, Bucherer group was one of the world’s first manufacturers of quartz watches certified by the official observatory. In the past century, with its never-ending creativity and professional and superb tabulation technology, bozilai makes the unique modern design and mechanical technology can be perfectly combined. Baozilai has also made outstanding achievements in jewelry and watches. All gemstone inlays are completed by hand under strict care. What bozilai watches are noble and exquisite masterpieces. Today, the Bucherer group is headed by Jr. g. Bucherer, the third generation of the family, who has become one of the world’s leading watch and jewelry manufacturers. Archimedes 18k rose gold calendar lunar phase automatic watch has a long history. Bucherer group is not only a powerful retail dealer, but also a successful watch and jewelry manufacturer.

Since 1888, Bucherer group has set up its own retail store network, and since 1919 it has set up a watch making factory to produce timepieces. Today, the brand of Bucherer group, Carl f. Bucherer, has established its reputation in the international market, and the export figures are growing rapidly. In recent years, Replica Carl F. Bucherer watch has been very active in the overseas markets of Switzerland. It has been listed in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Taiwan, Germany, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and has been well received by consumers.

In Hong Kong, Replica Carl F. Bucherer became the designated watch for the 2003 and 2004 Miss Hong Kong election meetings, the main sponsor of Faye Wong’s concert in 2003 and the designated watch for several concerts. It was very popular for a while. Replica Carl F. Bucherer has always been committed to the development of precision mechanical wristwatches, among which the Archimedes Archimedes series is outstanding.