Jaquet Droz ATELIERS D’ART Watches

In the 18th century, the watch masters in the Jaquet-Droz family were pioneers in the art of luxury decoration, generating work for an entire generation of craftsmen.

Pierre Jaquet-Droz’s expertise lives on today in the brand’s Atelier de Haute Horlogerie where all of the timepieces are assembled and where, day after day, master watchmakers meticulously perform their tasks overlooking a classic panoramic view of La Chaux-de-Fonds, home of its founder.

An art of enameling that involves covering ornamental paillons (tiny motifs or paillettes, cut from gold or silver leaf) with fondant (translucent enamel). This technique is central to Jaquet Droz’s traditional expertise. During the 18thcentury, the company’s founder transformed the technique into an art.

Jaquet Droz wishes to honor the art of painting on enamel in the 21st century and uphold the traditions of its founder: this painstaking decorative technique is applied to a few remarkable pieces in its collection. The painter does everything by hand, with the aid of a microscope; it takes at least one week to produce each one-of-a-kind piece.

Replica Jaquet Droz watches have always held high standard both in their intricate mechanical workmanship and sophisticated design. The ingenious French founder of the company, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, began attracting the attention of the world with his production of extraordinary grandfather clocks, complete with music and automata, in 1738.

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