Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur Military

Marine Torpilleur Military seems to have come straight out of the barracks: casual, comfortable and as minimalist as the torpedo ships that lent them their name. “For a vintage-inspired timepiece, the Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur is refined, well-designed, and yet, contemporary enough to make for a Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur Military Replica

The Ulysse Nardin team called upon the totality of its horological experience to create the first on-board chronometers, which quickly gained a peerless reputation among navies around the world. Using that same savoir-faire today, Ulysse Nardin has perfected the Marine Torpilleur Military US Navy, the new US Navy Torpedo Boat watch.

Los conocedores de Ulysse Nardin habréis apreciado que este Marine Torpilleur Military comparte gran parte de su nombre con el Marine Chronometer Torpilleur, pero hay más divergencias que convergencias entre ambos modelos. Lo más significativo que comparten es la base de su movimiento, el calibre UN-118, la geometría de su caja y poco más.

Replica Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur Watch 1183-310/40 DetailsOffical DescriptionThe Ulysse Nardin Marine collection inspired by the brand’s rich history in maritime timekeeping. The Torpilleur (French for ‘Torpedo Boat’) is one of the latest additions to the collection, with a sleeker and thinne ulysse nardin marine torpilleur replica

It’s that time! Post-Baselworld releases are starting to trickle in. Ulysse Nardin has just announced the release of two new military-inspired watches to bolster its Marine Torpilleur (Torpedo) Collection. The Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur Black and Marine Torpilleur Bronze watches have a slightly more rugged style than is often associated with the brand.

Reinforcing the accuracy theme of the Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur Military, this Ulysse Nardin Horse Watch Price Replica has achieved both a Chronometer Certificate from Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC), as well as the brand’s own Ulysse Nardin Certificate. First introduced in 2012, the Ulysse Nardin Certificate is a …

If the new for 2018 (and roughly $100,000) Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision is out of your price range, the other new Ulysse Nardin watch is the Marine Torpilleur Military limited edition (initially debuted on aBlogtoWatch here).This simple, yet satisfying French naval themed deck-style watch is beautiful, boasts a great movement, and mixes legibility and style in a manner that I feel a lot of …

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