The story behind the Jacob & Co Astronomia Everest watch

This watch fake was made in collaboration with Johan Ernst Nilson and contains rocks from Mount Everest and water from Poland.

Jacob & Co has launched an extraordinary new Astronomia Tourbillon watch, which contains water from the Antarctic and Arctic and rock fragments from Mount Everest. This timepiece was created in collaboration with explorer and environmentalist Johan Ernst Nilson, who personally collected precious water and rock samples.

This stunning timepiece demonstrates Jacob & Co and Nilson’s commitment to reducing the effects of global warming. The company will donate 10% of each sale to the charity chosen by the buyer.

Making a watch that has a real impact on climate change is an essential element of Nilson. He started exploring in the early 1990s and has since climbed all seven peaks and visited the poles. He witnessed the impact of climate change firsthand.

Nielsen said in an interview with “Elite Traveler”: “I would say go to the glacier, you will see them in a very different way, because they are slowly disappearing. I will not say that I can see my children when they grow up. I have a lot of confidence in these glaciers. I have ventured for 25 years and it is very different from when I started. If this is the rate of change in 25 years, what will happen in 500 years? And it’s not just these places. They are famous Location, but you can see a lot of these changes in places like Amsterdam and the Maldives.”

Astronomical Mount Everest has been in preparation for three years. Most of the time is spent collecting precious materials and trying to put them together. Each timepiece contains transparent buckets collected from two poles. Naturally, the Arctic water is at 12 o’clock and the Antarctic water is at 6 o’clock. Inlaid in the center of the timepiece is a beautiful rock from the highest mountain in the world.

Expedition to Mount Everest
Every buyer will be invited to fly to Mount Everest with Nelson to see the exact location where the rock was collected. Before flying home to spread the news, they will also see the rapidly receding glaciers of the Himalayas. Nielsen hopes that watch owners can start the right conversation in a strong circle. He believes that wealthy people-those who can afford watches worth $884,800-play an important role in the transition to a green economy.

He said: “This will be a conversation. You sit at the table and discuss the North and South Pole, it reminds you of the beautiful nature we have on this planet.

“Although their proportion is small and their lifestyle is different from that of many other people, they can have a big impact. These big companies and the rich can have a much bigger impact than they think. Especially in social networking In the media, people with millions of fans, I don’t think they realize what they can do with this power. I hope that every time someone sees this watch, they will be reminded to do something good.”

The exposed mechanism of the Astronomia Tourbillon makes it look fragile, but Nilson has proven that the appearance is deceptive. Nilson wore the standard Astronomia Tourbillon in the harshest environment in the world and stated that it was as sturdy as any outdoor watch.

“I wore an astronomical tourbillon the last time I climbed the Himalayas, where I climbed 6,200m (20,341ft) under extreme conditions of -30C (-22F),” he said. “It performs perfectly in all conditions. I use it to climb up ice walls and use my ice axe to hit it on rocks and ice. We really work hard. I will test these watches to see if we can Make any small changes to it, but we have tested it for three years, so we are ready.”