Richard Mille Luxury watches

Richard Mille swiss watches (this is the official registered name I am still used to call Richard Mille) is a high-end watch brand, with “futuristic, bold and avant-garde, high-tech, ultra-light, strong recognizable, outstanding Known for “ergonomic comfort”. Known as “Formula One on the wrist”! This is the official statement. This is a young brand Richard Mille in 2001 with revolutionary watchmaking technology, developed the most sophisticated tourbillon watch famous in the world. The founder of the brand named after Richard Mille once said : My goal is to make Formula One in the watch industry. From the design concept, watchmaking materials to the appearance and performance of each part of the watch, all have a very close relationship with the precision design of Formula One racing. For the brand, the founder is the core of the brand. It is also one of the keys to the success of the brand.

Mr. Richard Mille started his career in the best watch industry at the beginning of the quartz crisis. The 1980s was complicated and extremely transformative for the surviving traditional watch brands. At that time, Switzerland only accounted for the total global watch sales. 3%. Mr. Richard Mille started his career in the watch industry at the beginning of the quartz crisis. But Mr. Mille has not been affected by the changes of the times, he has also thoroughly understood the watch industry in this environment and gained him The driving force for the creation of the brand. In the early 1990s, he joined the French jewelry company Mauboussin as the head of watchmaking. After less than ten years, he announced the launch of the first watch of the same name brand Richard Mille. After the brand and watch models came out, Mr. Mille quickly realized several important elements that can affect the brand: brand promotion, the uniqueness of the watch model, and the “intrinsic value” of the fake watch; for example, using a special material, To evoke the needs of customers and the desire to have them, so as to ensure that customers will not only buy, but also fall in love with “it”. Here you can refer to dbd-the introduction, just say it, skip the boring explanation.

Embracing the wood, born in the end of the mill;
The nine-story platform rises from the soil;
A thousand miles begins with a single step.

The watch road has just begun, the road is long and long, I will search up and down
“On the high-rise building alone, looking at the end of the world” Life starts from Casio, but RM is by no means the end. RM is a kind of spirit, and it is a matter of aspirations. It is Chu in the end. Negative, you can taste the spirit of three thousand more than you can swallow Wu. RM breaks through or even changes the essence of traditional watch culture. A watch is not only a symbol, it carries the passage of time, the course of history and the inheritance of culture. .

Richard Mille‘s innovation has completely broken the watchmaking concepts of traditional brands such as Patek Philippe. I personally think: the way is new, the art must be updated, and the new will be alive; if it is not new, it will die. But RM needs more time Precipitation, in “Zuo Zhuan”, its prosperity and death also suddenly hope that it will not become the final destiny of RM. Destiny, is it terrible? No, in the process of fighting with it, I found out that I have dominated it. I hope that RM can be like Shakespeare said. Ercao’s name will be destroyed and the river will not be destroyed. Of course, as a materialist, I believe in Fu Ertai said that there is no such thing as destiny, everything is nothing more than test, punishment or compensation. Life should be as exciting as RM, dare to act, laugh up to the sky and go out, how can my generation be Bahao. Even if RM will be his after many years The bubble burst, but it still left a strong mark in the history of watches and clocks. No one has died since ancient times.