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Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was born in Stuttgart in 1935 and has close ties with the automotive world. He founded Porsche Design in 1972, a watchmaking company whose motivation lies more in its founders Creative spirit, not a lucrative business idea. Ferdinand Alexander worked for many years as the design director of the automobile brands Porsche and Volkswagen founded by his grandfather, where he designed some iconic masterpieces in the sports car industry, such as the Porsche 911.

Since his founding, Ferdinand Alexander’s Porsche design has been adhering to a clear design concept: optimized function. In other words, the shape of the watch is simplified without compromising its essence. The first watch he designed completely changed the watchmaking industry, and in 1972 he launched the world’s first all-black frosted watch, whether it is a case or a bracelet. The dial of this model is inspired by the indicators on the dashboard of a Porsche sports car.

Porsche Design cheap started the journey of cooperation with Orfina. After 6 years of working with them, it decided to bet on IWC Schaffhausen and signed a 20-year cooperation agreement with it. Soon after starting this collaboration, both companies achieved success, because their first part was commercial success.

In this way, Porsche’s design once again set off a revolution in the watchmaking industry, this time the first watch with an integrated compass appeared: Compass Watch. This watch is elegant and dynamic, with a black or khaki green dial, simple index and discreet date indication. As a single decorative element, it has two crossed bands, from twelve to six, and from three to nine, forming a cross.

Later, in 1980, they once again achieved international success, launching the first watch with a chronograph and strap made entirely of titanium: the Titan Chronograph.

Three years later, they launched another most iconic model: Porsche Design Ocean 2000. This is a diving watch that is water-resistant to 2,000 meters (the water tightness record of the watch at the time), which was customized according to technical requirements. Navy of the Federal Republic

After this successful cooperation, the agreement between IWC Schaffhausen and Porsche Design expired and the two companies decided to go their own way. It was from this moment that Porsche Design began to work, ETERNA. During this period, two models were particularly eye-catching: the 2004 indicator model and the 2007 Worldtimer P’6750. fake watches

First of all, this is a revolution from an aesthetic and technical point of view, because it shows an automatic chronograph that digitally accumulates hours and minutes, providing a groundbreaking aesthetic effect.

The second watch provides local time through three central hands and provides a reference time of more than 24 hours in a small vertical window at 9 o’clock.

In 2014, Porsche Design decided not to look at a new stable partner in the Swiss watch market and started manufacturing its own parts. The first model manufactured was the sports chronograph Timepiece No.1 Limited Edition, whose aesthetics reflected the entire tradition of Porsche design. Followed by the titanium limited edition chronograph, except for the black case, it has all the technical and aesthetic characteristics of its twin brother. buy replicas watch

Today, Porsche Design has multiple series, but all series maintain the same spirit as the brand. From the beginning, Ferdinand wanted to transfer the same concept as his success in the automotive industry to the field of watchmaking: a product with a uniform design that reflects a lot of engineering work, rather than fast-changing fashion.

A major feature of Porsche Design watches is that many of their straps are made of the same leather as the interiors of Porsche vehicles. But its watch band and bracelet also use other materials, such as rubber, fabric, titanium or alligator leather, such as the bellows automatic Porsche Design 1919 Datetimer Eternity.

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MONOBLOC actuator

Porsche Design Monobloc Actuator Automatic Watch

This one-piece drive is the latest innovation of Porsche Design. All watches are made of titanium. As the name suggests, the case is a unique case. The case and timing buttons are integrated in the case. It is in these pushers that we have found the most innovative details in the series. The Monobloc Actuator watch draws inspiration from the sporty Porsche 911 RSR (especially its mechanical valve technology). It includes an articulated “rocker” push rod for controlling the chronograph. Another unique feature of the series is the small seconds dial. There is a small opening at the 9 o’clock position in these dials. A pattern with white thorn stripes or checkered marks appears on the dial, which simply indicates to the user whether the watch is on. jobs.

Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC Automatic Watch

The series is directly inspired by the iconic 911 car of Porsche Design, whose design is more pure and elegant without losing its sporting essence. The first model with flyback function launched by Porsche Design was born in this series, thanks to the brand’s first internal movement Werk 01.200, which also obtained COSC certification. This feature allows its users to measure continuous time intervals, because the chronograph has been reset and restarted without having to stop the chronograph first, you only need to press the button and it will restart. This is ideal for car activities where the car’s lap speed must be accurately recorded.

In this series, Porsche showed its latest model 1919 Chronotimer Flyback Blue & Leather, which has the traditional functions of the 1919 model but has an attractive blue color. This model includes a chronograph without tachymeter scale, the classic small seconds of Porsche Design that we introduced in the Monobloc section, flyback function and COSC certificate.

Porsche Design Chronotimer Flyback Series 1 Automatic Watch

The series is a tribute to the first titanium chronograph created by Porsche Design, while also adopting a very sporty design to align with the brand’s history. The chronograph is characterized by a minimalist dial that is easy to read. One of the surprising details in these models is the smoked sapphire back glass, which reveals the movement of the watch. The bezel of all Chronotimer watches has a chronograph function and a tachymeter function. For those who are not familiar with this function, the speedometer is a digital scale that can measure the average speed based on the distance traveled.

Richard Mille RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne

Richard Mille’s latest version, Rm 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne, get inspiration from the aviation world to provide brand material innovation signature, all people are unique in tonnage cases.

Open the content involving the new Richard dawn Wholesale fake watches is one-time and confusion, such as in mechanical engineering in collision courses. So let’s start with a highlight. This situation, which clock is in 42.68 x 50.12 x 14.30, is a new design with a complex structure of 5N red, reinforced with carbon TPT. Using 20 spline screws, the armored carbon structure is attached to the housing.

In addition to the protection benefits of this situation, the playback between gold and perfect aligned carbon layers is visually spectacular. Add to the drama is a bottom plate made of honeycomb adjacent Hanns 214. In a simple language, the motherboard of the watch is made of a unique blue cellular pattern alloy, one of which is usually used in an extremely high temperature environment. This means that the bottom plate is very hard and high resistance to torque and thermal expansion. It also allows the bridge of titanium and gold, gourd and bucket of the caliber RM21-01.

In addition to the usual timing function, the RM Caliber is also filled with other highly engineered good things, such as torque indicators of a little clock. Then, the crown function selector simulates the gearbox, the free spring balance and variable inertia. There are several performance enhancements on the bucket, where you can see the modular time setting mechanism, allow longer life and security during the service.

Richard Mille RM 21-01 Touri Wheel Aerodyne offers a white rubber bracelet is a bold new explanation for brand singular vision.

Sports: RM21-01, manual winding Gome wheel movement, hour, minute, function selector, transmission reserve and torque indicator.
Cases and dials: Cases in 5N red gold and carbon TPT, 42.68 x 50.12 x 14.30 mm, rated waterproof, sapphire dial.
Tablet: white rubber