Breitling NavitiMer Rattrapante Reviews

Today, we will review the Breitling NavitiMer Rattrapante (Second hour card tab) very carefully. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this watch and discuss all available features and price and overall value.

In a watch comment, every other, we will truly conduct product analysis, thereby breaking your watch into the finest detail. Today, there is a NavitiMer Rattrapante watch, one of those lucky days.

First, let us erect the length. Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch has polished stainless steel case, from the exterior of the floppy copper dial to all exquisite printed tracks and numbers, this table has a lot of features.

The hose size of the stainless steel case is 45 mm, the housing thickness is 15.73 mm, and can be displayed on the wrist.

The small dial consists of the lower hemisphere of the dial:

6 o’clock location: Twelve hours counters
3 o’clock location: 30 minutes counter tablet
9 o’clock location: small second needle

There is a aperture between 4 or 5 o’clock positions of the dial for displaying the date. This dates window uses beautiful, easy to read fonts and font size. The time standard, the hourglass and the minute needle have a light-emitting material to illuminate in the dark, which is convenient for reading time in the case where night or light is insufficient.

For some people, the face value of this table may look too busy. For others, this is a masterpiece, which is the answer to the challenge related to the work. “Why?” You may ask? For beginners, this is a delicate toolkit, suitable for pilots and professionals who need unique navigation features. Read more to find the answer. wholesale replica watches

Mechanical properties
Many of these functions are built into the dial, such as a scale feet to help speed calculate and calculate. The two-way rotary lap allows you to quickly use your watches as a conversion table for calculations, such as converting miles to km or converting miles into sea.

It can also be used to calculate the climb time and measure the fuel efficiency by a so-called slide-rule complex function used in conjunction with the rotating lap.

For those who have never had an overcamet table (do you believe? Some people even never heard of El Primero!), The chronograph table is a watch with a stopwatch function. The stopwatch function can be accessed, started, and stopped by the timing button above the crown (the knob in the right side of the watch).

This 100-year spiritual timeline is particularly unique than other Breitling cheap years of spiritual timeline table, which means it is an automatic flying return time code table, which can not only calculate the number of seconds (using red chronograph pointer, pointer) The other end with “b” representation). Differentiation), but you can also use an anchored weight polishing second hand to calculate seconds (or score).

This pilot watch has a flyback clockwise, which can reset its position by pressing the button. After pressing the button, the second hand chasing the red home timing.

Breitling NavitiMer Rattrapante Biennium Calibre 03 Automatic upper chain head is also referred to as internal movement B03. The name of this second-hour timing movement is “Chronometer”.

Astronomical clock means that the centenary is handed over to third parties, called COSC, and the movement has been tested to reach the lowest accuracy and precision of -4 / + 6 seconds. It is considered an excellent precision score mechanical watch.

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Like all a Breitling years of watch, you can have any type of strap with this automatic flyback schedule. This specific series of styles can be equipped with multiple straps, including a buckle or folding buckle. The available belts and buckles are:

Black rubber, tang buckle
Cape skin with white saddle suture (available color: light brown, dark brown or black), with contrast or folding buckle
Short kiss crocodile skin / crocodile skin, with white saddle suture (available color: light brown, dark brown or black) with contracted or folded buckle
Stainless steel bracelet with folding safety latch