Corum Admiral Legend 42 watch review

Speaking of Corum fake watches, most watch lovers may think of the iconic Bubble series or the Golden Bridge series. These are of course iconic in themselves, but they are fairly “recent” additions to the catalog. If you want to go further, such as going back to the 1960s, then you are talking about the Admiral series. As you might expect, this route is particularly affected by water, ships and navigation. Although they are available in multiple sizes and you have some complex choices, today we will keep it simple by looking at Corum Admiral Legend 42.

First, briefly explain the name. Throughout this article, we will refer to this watch as the Corum Admiral Legend 42. However, a cursory glance at the dial reveals that it is called Admiral’s Cup. So what to give? When asked about it, it seemed that the brand could use the two names interchangeably, and they were the same watch. Therefore, if you find Admiral’s Cup, it is not significantly different from the Corum Admiral Legend 42 watch. Therefore, we used a name that matches the name you found on the Corum website.

As you might suspect from the name of the watch, the diameter of the Corum Admiral Legend 42 is 42 mm (coming soon). However, to see you must have a highly calibrated eye-the case itself is in the form of a dodecagon (dodecagon). In addition to being a way to visually and immediately distinguish this watch from other watches, it also lays the foundation for the dial itself. You see, that dial, this is where the Corum Admiral Legend 42 really shines (well, of course the case is very bright, but that’s because it is polished).

You see, the dial of the Corum Admiral Legend 42 takes the rear mast (which is a yachting term, right?) in the form of a signal flag to your wrist to form an index. This is not just a silly way to add some color and nautical style to the watch. No, you see, those flags? They actually comply with the International Signal Code (ICS) using signs to indicate numbers. This is very simple for single digits, and then two digits just split the pennant in two to display two digits. Although I may not be a boater myself, I like this because it is a smart way to integrate themes, while allowing people who really know their stuff to have more “hidden in sight” things to grab.

Looking at the dial, something disturbed my eyes. I couldn’t understand why, at least at first. Then I realized (soon, thank goodness) not only the central part (think of it as a wire that hangs a flag) is not circular, it is not even symmetrical (thanks to the date window). Some people assume that this is just for sub-seconds (more prominent here than most watches). Think of an enterprising customizer with a Fiona Krüger-style sugar skull in the middle, which also makes people stop and think about it. But I think it has more cycling and car culture than the dock area.

But I digress. Although the number of patterns and colors on the Corum Admiral Legend 42 dial can make the watch luxury particularly busy, it does work. In fact, in addition to white (mainly the color of the dial), you only have four other colors-red, blue, yellow, and black. These are small doses and allow other aspects-angles, circular grooves, etc., to shine. There are many things to do on the dial, but it never feels too busy or has problems telling the time (hey, even the hands are signs—a bit).

For a clear and interesting dial like the Corum Admiral Legend 42, if it is not accurate, it is not worth a barnacle. I don’t plan to put the watch on the Timegrapher (put it in my other pair of pants), but I go to work on time all day long. This watch is driven by a movement called CO395 by Corum, which starts from the basic ETA 2895 with some additional decorations and custom rotors. Given the solid ETA foundation, people would think that reliability, accuracy, and maintainability should not be an issue.

Appropriately, for a water-themed watch like the Corum Admiral Legend 42 (but still managed to not be a diving watch copy), it is equipped with a rubber strap with a folding clasp. Using rubber, you will get a strap that fits tightly to these angles on the case, making it look tight. This also means that if you like to change your watch strap, you will be stuck on stock options, or you might let NATO work. Anything else, the gap in this situation will ruin you.

On the other side of the water-based coin, it is surprising that the Corum Admiral Legend 42 only has a waterproof rating of 50m. Now, I don’t expect to have some deep broken 500m level, or something like that. I just hope that a watch that seems best to be placed on the deck of a ship has a rating of at least 100m so that you can be safer when you dive into blue.

Again, maybe Corum Admiral Legend 42 is more suitable for the captain on the desk like me, and hope to remind more of the call of water. In that case, yes, the watch works well. In an office environment (or go out for a good dinner), most of the white dial is matched with a highly polished case, which is a beautiful and elegant work. Find yourself in a more fashionable environment? Well, the random (for untrained eyes) pattern in the index brings things to life. Yes, although I am dissatisfied with the waterproof level, it is certainly sufficient for your daily needs (just don’t go crazy in the water).

As I mentioned at the beginning, Corum Admiral Legend 42 is my first contact with the brand, and I am very happy that I am moving in a direction different from what people generally expect. Of course, the boating theme is not something I would particularly look for, but I admire the ICS logos used and found them to be visually appealing.

HYT H1 watch

Get started with HYT H1 watch

During the press conference, HYT was crowded. Many people go to listen to Vincent Perriard discuss the internal workings of H1, this is his new brand HYT new watch. After being teased for a few months and then making its debut recently, HYT is a high-end geek watch designed to combine traditional mechanical watches and liquids. H1 is the first version of the brand, and more liquid-themed watches will be launched in the future. After the meeting, I interviewed Periyad and got a special hands-on appearance and demonstration from his own new watch.

If you understand Perriard’s past work, you will be familiar with his passion and design decisions. Futurism and “doing things in a different way” are factors that help motivate him. He speaks very fast in French when explaining watches, and shares the same level of insight and enthusiasm in English when showing off his toys. H1 is a very cool and unnecessary watch-in this industry, the exact formula for the success of the watch is this level. When I made my debut to the world, I first reported on HYT H1 here.

My own experience of H1 almost met my expectations-it’s good. A bold futuristic design, big on the wrist, but still very wearable. The case is 48.8 mm wide and 17.8 mm thick. With lifting ears, it fits most wrists well. You can’t help but notice the two bellows in the movement and the glowing green liquid ring used to indicate the hours. The concept execution seems flawless, especially when you adjust the number of hours back and forth and the green mucus quickly moves around the scale. It basically uses pressure, but as far as I know, I have never used a crown to do such a thing-maybe not on such a small scale.

The piece we are examining is a titanium alloy coated with black DLC. There are uncoated titanium versions, as well as full 18k rose gold and 18k rose gold mixed black versions. These four models will launch the brand, and will apparently sell their first few batches to retailers who will sell HYT fake watches around the world.

As I mentioned, Perriard likes to make high-end toys. This is how H1 feels. It’s like a smart kid can dream. This is also something that a grown up child will be happy to wear. It takes a lot of technical expertise to fully understand the role of the movement, but almost anyone can enjoy the concept in practice. I think Perriard knows this concept best-if you want a successful new watch brand to sell high-priced goods, it needs to be something that can surprise ordinary people.

The dial has a retrograde liquid indicator for hours and a dial for minutes-both are easy to read. There is an auxiliary seconds counter and a useful power reserve indicator for the manual winding movement. Perriard turned to the back of the watch and explained how he wanted to complete and decorate the movement in a relatively classic way—not to potentially alienate the core consumer watch lovers. The cheeky accordion bellows on the dial is something you have never seen on the dial before. Such iconic elements will surely become the logo of the brand.

For most people, the price is still completely impossible, but it does provide a better opportunity for the rich to own and enjoy extremely exotic watches. Like everyone else, I am enjoying the style and composure and technological innovation provided by H1. Perriard promises that the future will become more and more complex, so I expect the H1 to become their entry-level model in the next few years. Usually, brands like this start with ultra-high flagship models, but for HYT, getting the right technology may be the most important thing. I really like what they are doing, and CEO Perriard’s passion for the product has undoubtedly made the transaction sweeter.