New design from old tradition – Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has launched a new watch for its famous calendar series. Like the brands that like to innovate and are loyal to history, In-line Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5236, adopts a new patented single-line display, displaying the date, date and month on one line.

The brand-new perpetual calendar shows the family watchmaker’s continuous search for ways to break the boundaries of timepieces, and it has obtained three new patents. President Thierry Stern said:

“Even seemingly subtle changes are worthy of our most innovative ideas.”

The perpetual calendar is the main product of the brand. It was first launched in 1925 and is now housed in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Also on display is a 1972 pocket watch, equipped with a panoramic window and a calendar system “à l’américaine”.

Grand Complications automatic winding, Ref. 5236P

Compared with the traditional perpetual calendar display, designing the calendar display as a row requires a patented mechanism with 118 additional components. Patek Philippe engineers developed a calendar display consisting of four rotating discs; one for the day, two for the date, and one for the month. All four disks are perfectly embedded in the same plane.

This is achieved through the professional skills, dedication and patience of Patek Philippe’s famous craftsmen. They assemble and hand polish the components of the new Reference 5236-their timepieces are not only practical, they are also works of art. Be consistent with the brand’s tradition.

This highly complex technical challenge resulted in an online display of the date, date and month in a large single hole at 12 o’clock. The design engineer has developed a new self-winding movement 31-260 PS QL with an additional online display module, and has applied for three patents for it. This highly refined new movement is housed in an elegant platinum case and has a vertical satin blue dial with black gradient edges.

Patek Philippe has added an exquisite timepiece to its perpetual calendar series. New designs and patents further prove that Haute Horlogerie is still thriving in their studio.

We have a series of exquisite Patek Philippe watches, including perpetual calendars:

Perpetual calendar, reference. 5496P-015

Patek Philippe blue, Ref. 5726/1A-014

Patek Philippe Nautilus, Ref. 5712/1A