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Owned and operated by a non-profit foundation, Rolex has no need to chase fads or follow trends. Copy Rolex watches are defined by enduring design, relentless refinement, and rejection of planned obsolescence. The company’s legendary models include the Datejust, Submariner, Day-Date, GMT-Master II, Explorer, and Cosmograph Daytona.

One brand wears the crown as king of the luxury watch world. From sport models such as the legendary Rolex Submariner, GMT Master 2, Explorer, and Daytona to dressier Datejust and Day-Date (Presidential) models, there is a Rolex for every purpose. WatchBox is the global leader in Guaranteed Pre-Owned Rolex watches for sale. Are you ready to purchase a pre-owned Rolex watch? WatchBox is a leading global buyer, seller and trader of Rolex watches. If you wish to buy used Rolex watches online, we offer a wide selection of authentic WatchBox-Certified Rolex watches backed by a 15-month warranty and white glove service.

Rolex’s history is linked to 24-year-old Hans Wilsdorf, who in 1905 founded a unique company in London that specialized in timepiece distribution. His dream was to create a watch you could wear on your wrist. At the time (the early 1900s), wristwatches weren’t extremely precise, but Wilsdorf had the vision that these timepieces would not only offer a luxury accessory to users, but also be a reliable method for telling time. By 1919, the Company had grown and expanded so much, it moved to Geneva, Switzerland. The growth of this luxury watch brand continued, eventually creating the household, luxury brand name that is so well-known today.

Today, virtually everyone (from all around the world) recognizes the brand name. It is a company synonymous with luxury, exclusive timepieces. In fact, today, wearing Fake Rolex watch can help to define you as a person with a luxury sense of style. With a Rolex on your wrist, it shows the world you not only have exquisite taste, but also appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the best mechanical watches in the world.

While Replica Rolex Watches offer excellent value retention, new watches — like new cars — often depreciate when you take them out of the store. Purchasing a pre-owned Rolex watch allows you to avoid the depreciation of a new watch. The value will remain intact, and often rise over time. Additionally, as time continues to pass, certain models, like the Rolex Submariner, are becoming collector’s items, causing the value to skyrocket. Another reason to buy a pre-owned watch is that you have access to years’ worth of Rolex models to choose from, even those that have been discontinued and are no longer offered to buy new. WatchBox specializes in watches that are in like-new condition. When you go to a new watch dealer, you are limited to the watches that are currently in production. When you buy pre-owned Rolex, their entire history of production is at your fingertips!

Fake Rolex Women Watch Datejust 31 Oyster Perpetual 278285 RBR – 83365 Everose Gold – Diamonds – Diamonds and Mother-of-Pearl Dial

Whether it’s an eternal aesthetic element or an outstanding function, the Rolex journal is a model of a classic watch. From the aesthetic point of view, different types of diary watches still retain the original aesthetic elements after years of baptism. Its traditional watch has become one of the most famous and recognizable watches in history.In order to maintain the beauty of the watch, Rolex created 18ct Eternal Rose Gold in its foundry, and patented the pink alloy. Since its debut in 2005, 18ct Eternal Rose Gold has been used to make all Rolex watch Pink Gold styles.Mother of pearl is a symbol of mysterious charm and pleasant surprise. Depending on the source, mother of pearl may be pink, white, black or yellow. In addition, its color and structure can be different according to which part of the shell is taken out. Rolex will never choose artificial colored mother of pearl. With the excellent craftsmanship, each mother of pearl will bloom its natural beauty and retain its original color. Each mother of pearl dial is unique and unique.Oyster Style Watchband is the embodiment of perfect shape, function, aesthetics and technology, exquisite and charming. The strap is equipped with oyster type buckle and also equipped with an adjustable chain link extension system unique to Rolex. This ingenious system makes the strap extend about 5mm, making the wearer feel comfortable in all kinds of situations.The new generation of 2236 core is all developed and manufactured by Rolex. The movement has built-in Rolex patented syloxi silicon hairspring, which ensures that the watch has excellent performance of precise chronometer of observatory. Syloxi filaments are not interfered by magnetic field. Even in the face of temperature change, they are extremely stable, and their seismic resistance is ten times higher than that of traditional filaments. Its patented geometry allows the movement to operate regularly at any position.The small window convex lens can enlarge the calendar display and make it easy to read. It is not only a feature of Rolex watches, but also easy to identify. Fake Rolex Women Watch Datejust 31 Oyster Perpetual 278285 RBR – 83365 Everose Gold – Diamonds – Diamonds and Mother-of-Pearl Dial

Model  :Datejust 31
Reference  :278285 RBR – 83365
Complement :Everose Gold – Diamonds – Diamonds and Mother-of-Pearl Dial
On sale :2018
List Price :$200
Diameter :31 mm
Styles :Classical
Types :Self-winding
Calibre :2236 Manufacture Rolex
Calibre distinction :COSC certified
Superlative Chronometer
Complication :Stop second mechanism
Case material :Everose gold
Case peculiarity :Winding Crown with Twinlock double waterproofness system 
Screw-in crown
Bezel set with diamonds
Screwed-in caseback
Shape :Round
Water-resistance :100 meters
Dial :Pink mother-of-pearl
Paved by diamonds
Pink gold
Display :Pink gold hands
Glass :Magnifying glass
Antireflective coating 
Strap material :Everose gold
Strap clasp :Security clasp
Folding buckle 
Fake Rolex Women Watch Datejust 31 Oyster Perpetual 278285 RBR - 83365 Everose Gold - Diamonds - Diamonds and Mother-of-Pearl Dial


A watch that is cheap rolex women watch and easy to buy can be called an entry-level watch. Even the luxurious Rolex has entry-level watches. We next explain the replica entry-level fake Rolex watches of the Oyster Perpetual and Datejust series.

Before discussing these two watches, let me tell you their specific models. Oyster Perpetual 126300 39MM and Datejust 114300 40MM. Both watches are on sale at Rolex’s website now. Datejust 114300 is the cheapest watch in the Datejust 40MM series. But Oyster Perpetual 126300 is not the cheapest in the 39MM series. Because the Oyster Perpetual 126300 has the same black dial as the Datejust 114300, I chose the 126300 which is $ 100 more expensive than the cheapest Oyster Perpetual 39MM.

If you don’t look at the words on the dial, I think most people will think that these two watches are the same. These two replica entry-level Rolex watches both use 904L Oystersteel. The same black dial and smooth bezel further confuse us. And they also use pointers of the same shape. The waterproof depth is 100M. Let’s take a closer look at Oyster Perpetual 126300 39MM and Datejust 114300 40MM.

The quality of a watch is mainly determined by the movement. Oyster Perpetual 126300 39MM and Datejust 114300 40MM use NO.3132 movement and NO.3235 movement respectively. Both watches are certified by COSC. But from the price, we can see that NO.3235 movement is even better. Not only because the NO.3235 movement has a date function, but also because it is equipped with a high-performance Paraflex shock absorber. Moreover, the power reserve of the NO.3235 movement has 70 hours, which is 22 hours more than that of the NO.3132 movement. The price difference between these two replica entry-level Rolex watches is mainly due to the different movements.

Finally, I want to say that although entry-level watches are versatile and easy to buy, they generally WILL not add value. So I don’t recommend collecting entry-level watches. You can actually buy a replica entry-level watch. Then save the money to buy value-added Rolex. Of course, this is my personal opinion, you can ignore it.

The article ends here. The differences between these two replica entry-level Rolex watches have been written in great detail, and I hope to help you who are hesitating.

Fake Rolex Women Watch Cosmograph Daytona Oyster Perpetual 116588TBR Yellow Gold - Diamonds