HYT Skull bad boy

HYT, a Swiss haute horology practitioner, redefines how we use fluid to express time to interpret time, and recently launched HYT SKULL BAD BOY. ANGUS DAVIES claims to be “two shoes of a good man”. He investigated this charming timepiece with rebellious temperament, thanks to its avant-garde aesthetics.

Will describe himself as “a pair of good shoes”, a kind soul who always seeks to conform to social norms. As far as I can remember, I have been trying to please myself, trying to please my parents, teachers, friends, authority figures, employers, etc. However, “good men” usually don’t get girls. Indeed, he is a little-known “bad boy” who has to repel countless female admirers and cannot satisfy their naughty female yearning. Yes, it seems that every girl likes bad boys.

Now, HYT, one of my favorite independent watch brands, chooses to use its Skull Bad Boy to refer to those’ne’er-do-well’ types. Although all girls like bad boys, do all boys like HYT Skull Bad Boy?

For centuries, skeleton watches and horology have been inextricably linked. This type of watch celebrates death and its close connection with time, reminding the wearer that every passing moment is precious and must be cherished.

HYT luxury recently showed the first iteration of Skull, offering a choice of red or green vibrant liquids around the stylized depiction of the head. Personally, although I appreciate the originality used when the product was released, I am not a big fan of these early Skull models. This is a surprise, because I frankly admit to admiring most watches with these three special letters HYT.

However, when I was introduced to HYT Skull Bad Boy, I was immediately attracted by its widely used undertaker’s favorite color black. In addition, I found the centered head really attractive, thanks to its mottled two-tone surface composed of gray and black tones. Like the women mentioned earlier, I am fascinated by bad boys and easily attracted by its unconventional charm.


When HYT entered the field of watchmaking in 2012, it pushed the concept of creativity and invention to the limit. This high-end Swiss watch company did not try to imitate others, but chose to redefine its depiction of time. The company’s first model, the HYT H1 Titanium, contained a green liquid that was pumped through a glass capillary on the periphery of a circular dial using a mechanical movement to indicate the time. It cleverly uses the meniscus formed between the green and colorless liquid to indicate the hours, while the minutes are displayed on a more traditional subdial. Since then, other models have been launched.

The HYT H2 continues with the idea of ​​giving hours with liquid, but this time, the driving liquid pump is arranged in a V shape, reminiscent of a high-performance car engine.

Other variants of HYT H1 and H2 also followed, giving liquids of different colors, including red and blue. However, Skull Bad Boy is HYT’s first timepiece with black liquid.

Providing alternative tones may not sound like much in itself. However, please don’t get me wrong, every time a new liquid color is released, a lot of chemistry is used. Each liquid must behave in a uniform way, that is, the viscosity cannot be changed. The liquid must be stable and will not degrade or separate over time. Neither temperature nor ultraviolet light must adversely affect the fluid. Finally, the meniscus must be kept intact at all times, and the fluid should not stick to the inner wall of the capillary, otherwise the accuracy may be affected.

As a former partner of a chemical plant, I can understand the many challenges that the HYT team inevitably encounters. More precisely, they always have to overcome to add new colors to their models.

Before the launch of Skull Bad Boy, the liquid used always reflected usable light and appeared bright and fluorescent. However, for the bad boys, the behavior of the black liquid is not in line with the HYT tradition. Conversely, black liquid absorbs available light, making it “unreadable” in the dark.

On its own, the idea that the watch is somewhat illegible sounds crazy. In fact, as regular customers of ESCAPEMENT know, we often choose clear and easy-to-read watches and attach great importance to this quality. However, surprisingly, I can forgive the part-time nature of this timepiece because of its appearance.

The capillary tube shaped like a bulb is undoubtedly difficult to manufacture due to its many curves, tracking the skull in the center. This interesting hour display is not as easy to read as other HYT models, and even avoids the separate minute displays that work well on the H1 and H2 models, but again, I forgive the Skull Bad Boy for its impaired readability. The fact is, like many so-called “bad boys”, you will ignore any misdemeanor because their innate charm “conquered you”; HYT Skull Bad Boy is no exception.

I tried to rationalize my preference for this challenging timepiece and attribute its appeal to the artistic appearance it presents to the world. This is a fascinating watch, and you can’t help but like it.

The skull is made of composite material, similar to Damascus steel. A local foundry in HYT, Neuchâtel, manufactured this raw material, which is composed of multiple layers of steel and carbon, and “folded a total of 256 times.” Each skull reproduction shows its own unique appearance, and no two look the same. Finally, apply a layer of translucent varnish on the surface of the skull.

I personally find the final appearance of the skull to be fascinating. Its layers are harmoniously combined with black and gray tones, and the surface has a charming atmosphere. In addition, by looking closely at the epidermis of the skull, you will be able to observe small cracks that give extra uniqueness.

The dial is located between the hour track and the skull and is decorated with the Paris nail pattern “rivet” pattern, giving it a charming texture, attracting curious eyes to stop and appreciate. Surrounding the entire dial is a black hour track marked with Arabic numerals depicted in “Gothic font”. Ironically, the numbers may be the most traditional part of the dial, close to tradition, but somehow blend in perfectly with the other new design elements adopted.

There is a seconds dial on the left eye. Its rotating gait is not conducive to measuring elapsed seconds, but provides an indication that the watch is running, providing hypnotic gaze in the process.

The power reserve indicator occupies the right eye socket. With the continuous consumption of the 65-hour power reserve, the eyes will become darker and darker.

Skull Bad Boy does not convey information to the wearer so that the time can be accurately determined. In fact, it is almost impossible to decipher the difference between 12:31 and 12:34. but it does not matter. This is a watch that displays time with extraordinary artistic brilliance. Wearing this watch on my wrist, I can say categorically that I was stunned by the beauty of its sinister clock.


The Skull Bad Boy’s case is made of black DLC titanium and has been microblasted. This watch is not only a bad boy, but also a big boy, a very big boy. The diameter of the case is 51 mm and the thickness is 17.9 mm. Thanks to the titanium casing, the overall quality of this behemoth is not excessive. In addition, since the rubber-coated screw-in crown is located at 2 o’clock, its size is not a problem. In fact, despite my hard work, I still cannot get the crown to scratch my wrist or scratch my arm in any way. aaa replica watches

Another reason for the comfort of the case can be attributed to the short lugs, which can guide the strap to the downward trajectory as early as possible so that it can easily wrap around the wrist.

Holding a magnifying glass in my hand, I repeatedly found the charm in my pocket. For example, the outer vertical sides of the lugs have small grooves. This may be a small detail, but it is these happy episodes that enhance the enjoyment of ownership.

Convex sapphire crystal, although its inner surface has an anti-reflective coating, occasionally grayish white areas are produced. On many watches, I would describe this as a slight excitement, but on this watch, it seems to add a bit of mystery, just like a dancer surrounded by a sea of ​​dry ice.

The screw-in caseback is equipped with a piece of sapphire crystal glass, you can see the manual winding “exclusive HYT movement”.


The manual movement that powers the Skull Bad Boy will be familiar to HYT followers. It is the same as the “exclusive HYT movement” in H1, including H1 Alumen Blue and my favorite brand H1 Iceberg timepiece.

Those readers who are not familiar with the advantages of HYT luxury watches can read my previous article to learn more about rhodium-plated bellows pumps and related reservoirs.

In the past few years, I have been invited to talk about Haute Horlogerie and Haute Horlogerie at various events. In these demonstrations, I inevitably ended up discussing HYT and showed various images of the brand model to the gathered guests, explaining the concept of using fluid to indicate time. I haven’t seen anyone look less surprised.

However, despite the modernity and jaw-dropping gorgeousness of HYT’s products, the brand has never given up the ideals of traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. For example, if you look closely at the movement inside the Skull Bad Boy, you will find a beautifully hand-made beveled splint decorated with the Côtes de Genève pattern. Although HYT shows a playful character in some of its designs, it is not fooled by taking risks. This is a serious watch company that produces excellent high-end watches.

Unsurprisingly, HYT Skull Bad Boy is a rule-breaking, rebellious and unconventional person. The aptly named creation does not support the mainstream, it follows its own path of anarchism. The dial is not the easiest to read, and for some potential buyers, the case may be too large. However, this is not important.

Skull Bad Boy provides something new, fresh and exciting. It represents the combination of clock and art. At this market level, potential buyers are unlikely to own only one watch, and potential buyers may own several watches. If you want to measure small time units, then HYT provides an alternative watch that is more suitable for daily wear. However, if you want to understand the philosophical concepts of time, death, and the value of life, then HYT Skull Bad Boy may be for you.

So, I return to my original question, “Although all girls like bad boys, do all boys like HYT Skull Bad Boy?” Well, I can’t answer all boys, but for one person, I really want to Put on a leather jacket, ride on Harley-Davidson, then put the HYT Skull Bad Boy on my wrist, and ride until sunset.

Technical specifications

Model: HYT Skull Bad Boy
Reference: 151-DL-43-NF-AS
Case: black DLC titanium; diameter 51mm; height 17.9mm; sapphire crystal front and back cover.
Function: black retrograde fluid hours and seconds; power reserve indicator
Movement: Exclusive HYT Calibre, manual winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4 Hz); 35 jewels; power reserve 65 hours
Strap: “Buffed slate gray alligator leather strap, velcro clasp with door lock”