HYT H1 Hydro mechanical watch

HYT H1 Black DLC & Pink Gold 148-DG-22-GF-RU Replica Watch

HYT stands for a new concept in the watchmaking industry-HYT stands for “Hydraulic Mechanical Watchmaker”, the brand will focus on producing watches that not only contain liquids but also use liquids for functional purposes.

HYT has applied for 7 pending patents for all aspects of H1, which further highlights the new realm of HYT CEO Vincent Perriard breaking this watch.

H1 has 3 watch case styles to choose from: titanium, DLC black coated titanium and 18k rose gold. The housing will be 48mm wide and 18mm thick.

Of course, the most striking aspect of the watch is the glowing green-yellow liquid ring you see around the dial. H1 uses liquid to display the hours on a round tube around the edge of the dial.

You can see two devices that look like pistons at the bottom of the dial, which are used to push and pull the liquid to show the time on the scale.

The minutes are displayed on the medium sub-dial near the center watch, with a cool paddle wheel seconds hand on the left.

On the right, you can also see the power reserve indicator (65 hours) of the manual-winding mechanical movement. chrono4usale.com

Hydromechanical watchmaker

Patrick Berdoz, co-founder and chairman: The business angel and strategic partner Patrick Berdoz provided the initial funding and will continue to provide funding in each subsequent round of financing. Patrick Berdoz is a serial entrepreneur who provides a wealth of experience to the team. He has established a number of companies in the medical field, has achieved rapid organic growth over the years, and has rich experience in accumulation and integration. Patrick has also contributed more than one hundred patents during his career. Among other achievements, he also served as the CEO and President of the medical prosthetic specialist Precmed. In 14 years, he led the company from 17 employees on three continents to 750 employees. In addition to replica HYT, he also recognizes several leading companies that are active in the fields of medical technology, cosmetics, biotechnology and real estate. He is also the President of FOR Foundation, providing education and professional guidance.

Lucien Vouillamoz, Co-founder and Board Member/Chief Inventor of Technology: Lucien is the inventor of the breakthrough fluid technology used by the luxury watch brand HYT, which combines fluid and mechanical principles in a watch to indicate time. He was also the driving force behind the creation of HYT and attracted the founding members of the brand. Lucien is a trained engineer, the owner and co-owner of multiple companies, and the chairman of the Ganydar Foundation, which provides opportunities for disadvantaged young people in Latin America.

Emmanuel Savioz, co-founder and board member: He is responsible for HYT’s financial affairs. Emmanuel holds an MBA degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and started his career in the field of mergers and acquisitions with well-known institutions in the United States and Europe. Back in Switzerland, he worked in high-potential high-tech startups in the field of trading and fundraising. In 15 years, he participated in more than 20 transactions with a total capital of approximately 60 billion Swiss francs, and accompanied the start-up and development of more than a dozen Swiss high-tech companies.

Vincent Perriard, co-founder and board member/product and marketing: He is a well-known figure in the watch industry. He successfully led Technomarine (2 years) and Concord (3 years) as CEOs. Prior to this, he was the global director of Audemars Piguet and later the global director of Swatch Group, reporting directly to Mr. N. G. Hayek.

Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT: Grégory Dourde is an engineering graduate of the Paris National Opera and the Ecole Business School (Paris). He received an MBA degree from Collégedes Ingénieurs in 1997. And the reorganization of the jewelry business, followed by the Swatch Group and Calvin Klein Watches, and the management committee of the manufacturing company under the leadership of Nicolas Hayek Senior. Then, he set up his own consulting company dedicated to performance improvement and development projects for companies in the medical, watchmaking and high-tech fields. His interest and enthusiasm in the fields of physical sciences, biology, philosophy, plastic arts and music shows that he hopes to cultivate and enrich ideas through interdisciplinary methods, and use cross-pollination as a basic solution for innovative and original research.

Ion Schiau, Vice President of Sales and Marketing: On the local side, Biel-born Ion Schiau joined HYT as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing after leading Hublot’s retail development as an international retail manager. He graduated from Geneva International Business School (HEI) (Graduate School). Out of his passion for watchmaking, he traveled around the world from the Swatch Group in New York, and then worked in the international sales department of CK Calvin Klein watches. Swatch Group. Driven by his enthusiasm, he founded Chronotime, thereby reshaping the connection with the motherland, and Chronotime has since become the main partner of Romania’s large Swiss watch brand.

Lionel Roy, Vice President of Operations: Lionel ROY joined Adventure Tour in 2014 as the Vice President of Operations. The engineer is an expert in project management, logistics and industrial organization establishment. In 2009, he founded “Digitale SA”, a company specializing in watch movement design (such as Harry Winston Opus 11), and provided consulting services for watch companies.