Jacob & Co. New fake watches

Jacob & Co. New “fast and passion” time accounting is crazy, just like you expect Only in nine examples, wrist candies will let you go back to half Milan.

We looked at Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and a long hot rod to tear the first fast fanatic screen, has been 20 years. In order to celebrate, Jacob & Co. Releases a new time that is committed to the beloved with a franchise right and its threats of rides.

Limited-Edition Wrist Candy is a high-tech, high-speed twin turbine growth angry, which has been equipped with about 2001 bright bombs. Think about the checkered flags of each bell and the muscle car life in a quarter mile.

The watch is housed in a black carbon shell of texture, reaching 57 mm, including 88 pieces, including stainless steel baffles. Large sapphire crystal dials are interested in images of speed and anger and movie’s logo. The occupation and the center is a “starting girl” in the first movie of two most famous muscle cars: Vin Diesel’s 1970 Dragoni-Up on the left, and Paul Walker’s SOOPED-UP TOYOTA SUPRA is right side. buy replica watches

The intricate inner work competitors of the watchmake. The high octane street racing car. It is equipped with a double-three-axis trunk wheel with a flash fast speed of 24, 48 and 180 seconds. This can not only be used for eye-catching visual features, but also make the watch high precision: multi-axis Dololus compensates for any position where gravity is located. Between two extension points are a power reserve indicator like a fuel.

If this is not enough, the clock has another complexity in the form of decimal minutes. Like the melody motor, it emits bells at 10 minutes before hours and minutes. jacob and co astronomia spider

At the same time, the engine is Jacob & Co. Calibre JCFM05, manual wraps, with amazing 832 components. The sapphire crystal case returned to a great point of view of another logo.

Other places, the watch is equipped with a charted single-hole timing code table, with any rapid and fierce sprint in the four-wheeled wheelchair, and the mechanical time reference indicator designed from the “pit” “pit” in the track.

“Our twin turbocharge is this naturally suitable for fast and fierce franchise rights,” Jacob & Co.Cenjamin Arabov said in a statement. “Jacob & Co. best It has been in many important and successful partnerships, but we have never been working with an entity that is so closely suitable for our DNA.”

Ulysse Nardin Blast

Ulysse Nardin Blast

Ulysse Nardin Blast Pourstrike is a futile classic complication. The watch not only has a highly developed hour impactor complications, please redesign on the previous dial discs, but it is also a flying gyro. It can be seen in the dial, which will make Yerley Nardin have a stable rose gold for explosive jeans. The 45 mm case made of black DLC titanium with 5N 18kt rose gold was designed to maximize the acousticization of the minute repeater, resulting in a sharp resonant bell. The case of rose gold elements is equipped with alternating brush teeth and polish, and the satin brush is so rich, almost seems to have wood texture. Black DLC titanium has matte, praised rose gold and creates more modern aesthetics for the watch.

In the 30-meter water-resistant housing, it is the diameter on the internal flight track of the aerial tether hour, 621 power reserves. The automatic rotor is powered by the watch and the flight trees, but it is necessary to reload the power of the hour forward, you must manually block the swiss watches for men. I have to admit that I want the caliber to boast a minute repeater, but the hourly hidden hourly assault mechanism is still very complicated, it is paired with a flight of Tuplex, after all, has silicon hair, anchor and escapement. The pusher is turned on and off at the 8 ‘on the left side of the housing, and when the pusher on the same side is used to activate complications on the same side on the same side. 330 components include innovative competition amplification systems. The system has millimeters thick film 3/10, developed by Ulysse Nardin and French Audio Technology Company Devial ​​ET, its goal is to enlarge the sound from watch. Double X logo, the signature of the explosion line, and the rose gold team should actually ensure the safety of this sensitive competition film, according to Ulysse Nardin, “Once actions are taken, basically like high fidelity concerts like high-fidelity music. “Watch can be configured in three belts: crocodile, velvet and rubber.

Ulysse Nardin UFO
In this year Novelties, Ulysse Nardin copy has changed very well, introduces UFO: a table clock developed by Maison L’Epée, consists of 675 components. The future dispatcher clock is everything demonstrated behind the glass, and has an action that appreciates all 675 components. UFO is very complex, its manual wreathesent Un-902 caliber is three separate time zones and corresponding dials. Now you might think about why UFO’s bottom is not flat? Not a table clock? The answer is ULYSSE NARDIN, driven and inspired by the nautical theme, and has developed a blue hemispherical aluminum base with tungsten quality, making UFO to allow UFO to wave at sea.

ULYSSE NARDIN explained: “When it gently weighs 7.2kg, the UFO moves from its axis to an amplitude of 60 ° – 120 degrees – and engineers accurately calculate the center of gravity / quality / inertia ratio, this allows Ufo will not be too fast, not significantly affecting the balanced operation. The extra 49mm balance wheel is designed to have a 0.5 Hz race rate and a dead difference mechanism. This and six oven buckets help In the unbelievable power reserve of an unidentified flyer. Yes, you look like it. So don’t worry, you have to wear this mechanical art.