Patek Philippe Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001

Your new Holy Grail: Patek Philippe Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001

Get to know Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007a-001, which is a stainless steel beauty. At first, it seemed to be the only new product of Patek Philippe in 2020. We all know that this year is different-thanks to the coronavirus-but we are happy to say that one of these gems has passed through the doors of European watch companies.

This Calatrava 6007a-001 is limited to 1,000 pieces to celebrate the construction of Patek Philippe’s advanced manufacturing plant in Geneva. The new building completed this year has been under construction since 2015, aiming to unify all manufacturing aspects under one roof.

The watch has a Calatrava cross on the sapphire caseback and is marked with “New Manufacture 2019”. They chose 2019 because it was the first time employees worked here. This is a major investment in the future of the brand, and it is worth contributing with it. Just like a building, the watch reminds people that Patek Philippe is looking to the future.

As mentioned earlier, 6007a is a stainless steel watch, which is rarely used in Patek Philippe, especially in the Calatrava series. This is currently the second steel Calatrava, and it is the only Calatrava that has undergone a full moon treatment. Although this Calatrava is elegant, it is undoubtedly suitable for everyday wear and is another casual way of traditional dress Online replica watch series.

It is powered by the familiar self-winding movement 324S, displays hours, minutes, seconds, date, and has a power reserve from a minimum of 35 hours to a maximum of 45 hours. In my opinion, the size of the case is very suitable, with a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 9.07mm. The overall design is versatile, and apart from the limitations of its 30-meter water resistance, I think this watch can be placed anywhere.

The blue-gray tone of the dial has a satin round texture, which is very beautiful. This was the first thing I noticed and it left a deep impression on people. Although this is just a time and date watch, there are many things on the dial. It is not busy, but it is not simple either. It prioritizes fast and digestible data over simple data.

The dial consists of twelve fully connected Arabic hour markers, an internal railway track, an external minute track with numbers every five minutes, and a three o’clock date. The internal railway track seems a bit redundant, but it also adds some visual effects and draws your attention to the unique “carbon” pattern center of the dial.

Patek Philippe fake calls it a “carbon” pattern, and the calfskin strap is embossed. This is a symbolic connection with the advanced technology pursued by new manufacturers. At first glance, you might think that this is a canvas or fabric strap. Although it may not be an obvious choice to symbolize cutting-edge technology, it fits the overall aesthetic of the watch.

This is a celebration of Patek Philippe’s shiny new product, which means it only makes sense to postpone its release until next year. Nevertheless, in these worst times, this is also an excellent product of the brand. Although this is not what we usually expect from the Calatrava product line, I hope we can see more. It is durable, gorgeous, easy to read, highly proportioned, and can be placed up and down easily.