Devon Tread 2 Shiny

I am still amazed by what Devon fake has achieved since its founding in 2010. Incredibly, the company is only three years old and has managed to influence a market largely dominated by Swiss watch brands. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of trying on and reviewing the excellent Tread 1-F. This model was one of the later special editions. I really enjoyed wearing this watch and was attracted by its unique and sturdy look. Other successful versions include the seductive skeleton version, probably my personal favorite of the extraordinary steampunk.

As much as I love the Tread 1, I can see why it only appeals to a very small group of people. With its massive size and nearly $20,000 price tag, most buyers will likely decide to buy a Rolex, Omega or Breitling just to be safe.

The Tread 2 solves both of these problems with a significantly reduced case size and retail price. I’ve been in touch with Devon’s General Manager Ehren Bragg for the past few months. His drive and determination to raise the company’s global profile is admirable. Currently, they have attracted several celebrity clients and are widely regarded in the industry as a high-end luxury watch maker.

There was a huge amount of hype surrounding the release of Tread 2. Due to the success of the Tread 1, the pressure on Devon to produce another great timepiece is incredible. When looking at the watch, I can categorically confirm that they have achieved this. As I mentioned earlier, the dimensions have been shrunk to a more modest 42mm x 44mm x 14.5mm. These ratios will ultimately attract more potential buyers. In general, I found this watch to be very comfortable to wear without any friction on the lugs. This is mainly due to the innovative tonneau-shaped case and the 316L stainless steel chosen in production. Impressively, the watch weighs only 90 grams, making it a very practical option for everyday use.

Visually, the Tread 2 is more classic than its larger predecessor. Basically all the exciting features remain the same, but the facade has a more traditional look. As with Tread 1, time is displayed on vertical and horizontal bands. I love the unique oversized crown and trigger system that sits on the side of the watch. Another intricate design feature is the eight exposed screws located on the bezel. Devon also opted to use sapphire crystal instead of polycarbonate on this model. In my opinion, this inclusion is an improvement and should make the timepiece more durable over the long term.

To power the watch, the Devon uses the same cutting-edge technology as the Tread 1. This process is controlled by a specialized microcontroller that transmits the data to the corresponding belt. Seat belts are made of strong nylon from the cockpit of an aircraft. They operate efficiently on a calibrated tooth and pulley system. Functionally, the Tread 2 has hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph functions and a power reserve of up to eight weeks.

In addition to the stylish Tread 2 Shining, there are three other striking versions to choose from, named White Ceramic, Murder and Nightmare.

A landmark year for BREMONT and British watchmaking

As 2021 draws to a close, we want to look back on one of our busiest and most ambitious years since Bremont fake was founded in 2002.

The year was filled with great excitement and great achievements. From the opening of The Wing in Henley-on-Thames, our manufacturing and technical centre in the heart of the English countryside, to the launch of our own movement collection, the ENG300, the fulfillment of our lifelong ambition to bring watchmaking back to British shores. The construction of The Wing It takes considerable patience, time and investment, but the 35,000-square-foot state-of-the-art mechanical watch manufacturing facility is a dream, and it represents yet another leap forward in British watchmaking on a scale not seen in the UK since the 1970s.

In addition to The Wing, we continue to expand our retail portfolio and this year we are proud to open 5 new branded boutiques in Shanghai, Manchester, Bluewater, Birmingham and Bristol – fueling our ambition and inspiring us to use brick Blocks tell Bremont’s story with passion and mortar across the globe. fake men’s watches

Our ambassadors and partners constantly test themselves and our watches beyond endurance to achieve greater excellence. From the Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja MBE climbing 14 of the world’s highest peaks in record time, to the Rolls-Royce “Spirit of Innovation” breaking the world record for the fastest flight of an all-electric aircraft. Likewise, we celebrated the RFU’s 150th anniversary and had an exciting F1 season in partnership with the Williams team, which we were delighted to witness at Silverstone, joined by our good friend Harrison Ford.

We’re proud to work with so many exciting talents and brand partners that push us to create watches that challenge and inspire us, and there’s been no shortage of new releases this year. From the acclaimed Supermarine Chrono represented by our action ambassador, Jason Fox, to the elegant diamond-encrusted Lady K, inspired by the sailboats our fathers built for our mothers when we were kids. The desert-inspired titanium MB Savanna continues our successful partnership with Martin-Baker, with our watches subjected to the same rigorous testing program as flying ejection seats – play with our online MB configurator, Build your own custom MB for the holidays! And this fall, we are proud to introduce a limited edition Longitude,

We have demonstrated excellence and commitment to the development of UK manufacturing through investment, education and apprenticeships and we are delighted to have won the ‘Made in Britain’ award at the Walpole 2021 British Luxury Awards. Bremont was also named ‘British Watch Company of the Year’ at the WatchPro Awards and we are very proud to be awarded the Silver Armed Forces Covenant for our support of the Armed Forces and their families. It is an honor to receive these prestigious awards in a year that has been such an important milestone.

None of this would have been possible without you – thanks to our friends and customers who support and encourage us every step of the way. Our success belongs to you, and we have more to share with you as we look ahead to our 20th anniversary in 2022.

Stay safe and enjoy spending time with your loved ones this holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in 2022 and wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best. cheap BREMONT