BREGUET XX “BIG EYE” is for viewing 2021

All of our wishes exist in the XX type XX in real life.

If you have been reading a monochrome, then you should understand my things … I have a soft point for XX, as well as a pilot’s chronicle. It is igniting my enthusiasm for the watch. That’s why today, I may lack objectivity, I will have no doubt about the current watch. Two years ago, Breguet was shocked by its unique watch, and only the original military issued pilot chronograph was highly accurate. This year’s watch is more attractive in my book, it is the perfect expression of the retro insee Bridge type XX should look. Let us take a closer look at the “big eyes” to watch 2021.

The name of the BREGUET is a long-term resonance in the air world, but not only because of the timeline table of the counter pilot. In fact, the Breguet family has two sides. First of all, the descendants of Abraham-Logis Breguet, he continued his heritage as a tabular company. Second, with the Louis Breguet, A.l. There is a descendant of the Breguet, there is a bloodline of the air. Louis is indeed one of the pioneers of France because he created Sociétéd’aviation Louis Breguet, and his aircraft exported to multiple countries around the world and participated in the foundation of France Airlines.

With this home connection, the watchmaker BREGUET starts to provide hours for the US Air Force and is available for Sociétéd’aviation Louis Breguet in 1922. These instruments have gradually become a timer of the counter and the speedometer, and can be worn or attached to the dashboard of the aircraft. BREGUET continues to provide an increasingly complex timecutical table for air and aircraft companies. However, the most important chapter in the BREGUET PILOT watch has started using an XX or 20.

In the early 1950s, the French Ministry of National Defense made specifications to purchase a timeline watch for its air force, as a 20 type. Drawing on its experience in this area, BREGUET expressed its interest and designed a model for approval. Type 20, the official military name is introduced as a pilot watch with a flyry hoster, a pear-shaped crown, a dual counter display, and a triangular marked groove bezel. This military-issued model has born our only reassess in 2019.

But important, for today’s matters, there are actually a variety of changes to a generation of BREGUET pilot tablet table. More importantly, we must vary between 20 types, referring to the model of military, and the XX type for civilians, and sells amateur pilots for the public. Visually, these XX often use bidirectional baffles and 12 hours of scale, different hands, flat crown, may be the most symbolic feature, a “big eye”, 3 o’clock 15 minutes counter. This is the thinking XX XX we remembered, this is a watch BROGUET decided to use its unique work to donate to only watch 2021.

XX type only observed 2021
This year, we are looking for an extremely loyal BREGUET’s reputation time code table, not only visual and also mechanically. In fact, this new XX is carefully reappearing the visual and mechanical code of this iconic poker watch, and pays tribute to the civilian version of XX Charonograph in the 1950s and 1960s.

Before I continue my view to this watch, some facts. First, the case is almost identical to the 2019 version, which limits the diameter of 38.30 mm, according to the original model. It is made of stainless steel, with brushing and polishing surface, which retains typical curvature of lugs decorated by transverse bevers, and some easy-to-size buttons. The back is tightened and respects the shape of the retro model, but has specific engraving to showcase its uniqueness.

The new feature in this BREGUET type XX is to observe the presence of 2021, with a graduation baffle, with a size of 12 hours, allowing flight calculations, or a second time zone. The scale is carved and filled with a black lacquer, which is also equipped with a light-emitting triangle to mark the desired position. In the same vein, the Crown is flat and gap here, and an element retains early in the early civilian version of BREGUET. Undoubtedly, this situation looks amazing, perfect.

The most obvious evolution of this 2021 unique parts is the dial. Although the previous model is inspired by military issuance, this civilian version of the dial-up presents a relatively simple dial, this civilian version feels even the XX type, mainly due to the super large “of the 3 with luminous tears and 5 Big Eye “The combination of the counter is largely illuminated, as well as the time and minutes of using the syringe. In addition, the central second hand has been updated to a more classic diamond shape. The rest is to use bronze backgrounds to tropical appearance – there is no historical but still attractive – large Arabic and luminescent numbers for time. fake watches for sale

It is also, XX only observes 2021 loyalty, because it is equipped with Valjoux 235 sports, directly from the Valjoux 222 14 line used by BREGUET in the 1950s and early 1960s. This hand-wound pillar count time code table movement has been restored and the service is returned by BREGUET. Therefore, not only the original spirit of the watch is not only, but also respect the original ratio. Of course, the movement is equipped with famous flying “Retour En Vol” function, without it will never be a real XX pilot chronograph.

It wears a steel pin on a simple but visible light brown calf belt, which is presented in aircraft airfond housing.

The XX type should be in the collection …
If you ask me, I think this alcoholic XX only observes 2021, so a short answer will be “I absolutely like it.” I mean, it looks great, the proportion is perfect, the movement is amazing, the dial (the color is separated) is what I think when I think about XX I think about my thoughts. If I don’t sure the watch can easily get the price of the price during the auction, I will get it online. However, since the 2019 model with 210,000 Swiss francs, I determine that the new version will exceed my budget – rather than a small margin. I don’t care, this is for a good career.

But now I will have a longer answer, basically refer to the title of this article “I love this watch”. Why? the reason is simple. This watch is everything in the future BREGUET type XX. As you know, classic 38mm XX REF. I have recently discontinued 38,000, my guess is that it will replace the version sooner or later. My second speculation is that BREGUET may make different things from this high retro and accurate version … sad is. Because when I look at the unique works of 2021, this is what Bri is doing. Of course, retro sports is not a necessity, and the brand can use its classic automatic anti-excited time code table. In addition, they can make it a three counter watches and can replace the bronze dial by more traditional black dials. But the other unique works should reuse the watch of the permanent collection.

If BREGUET wants to have a larger watch, there are more modern sports, more technologies, more extravagant, they can still use the XXI and XXII models. But as far as I said, the XX type should be re-introduced with this 38.30 mm, this situation is accurate, thin, gradually bezel, with this dome crystal, with the same raised lugs, these Syringe hand and this “big eye” dial. And do not need full decoration, even perspective measures. It must keep certain utilitarian. If you demonstrate the XX type XX to any watch, most of the properties of the brand’s watch are only designed for 2021. If the BROGUE is included with its standard collected watches, it may be an instant success. But because I happen far, this will happen to love the XX type, just watch 2021 more …


Case: 38.30mm diameter x 13.90mm height – stainless steel case, brushed and polished – bidirectional rotating bezel with engraved 12-hour scale – flat crown – ultra-domed sapphire crystal and screwed caseback – water-resistant to 30m

Dial: bronze-coloured dial – Arabic numerals and hands with luminescent material – syringe-type hands – “big eye” counter at 3 o’clock

Movement: Valjoux 235, restored and returned to service by Breguet – hand-wound flyback chronograph – 17 jewels – 183 components – 21,600 vibrations/hour – 45h power reserve – hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph with oversized 30-minute counter and flyback ‘retour en vol’ function

Strap: brown calfskin leather – steel pin buckle
Reference: 2065ST/Z5/398