Richard Mille – RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE Limited Edition Black

With its disaggregated cases and skeleton movements, Richard Miller RM 61-01 Yohan Blake is a true attractive eye.

The model dedicated to Jamaica short runners is also 50 limited editions, called monochrome, which is characterized by contrast between black and white.

RM 61-01 Yohan Blake monochrome uses black TZP-N ceramic production, with beautiful mask surface finish and housing of NTPT carbon.

TZP-N ceramics combine extreme resistance and have very low thermal conductivity. It also allows the use of brush teeth or microbar and hand-polished anglage perfect finishes.

The unique appearance of NTPT carbon depends on its fact that it consists of multi-layer parallel filaments obtained by splitting carbon fibers. These layers are then impregnated with a resin and woven on a special machine, and the direction of the weft yarns are modified between the layers. Then heated to 120 ° C under the pressure of 6 bar, then machined NTPT on the CNC machine of the Richard Mille’s Proart Case factory. fake luxury watches

White flying bridge, underwhere, crown rubber and band created attractive monochrome aesthetics.

RM 61-01 Yohan Blake Each detail – including super-comfort and soft rubber straps, with bonded fragments – a strong sense of uncompromising quality.

The RMul2 of the skeleton is motion, and the jump is 28,800 VPH, and provides 55-hour power reserves due to its double barrel, using 5-stage titanium of PVD and Titally, which uses electrical plasma to increase the oxidation process of metal hardness.

In the application of sports use, RM 61-01 Yohan Blake monochrome has a novel crown protector and provides excellent impact resistance, verifying more than 5,000 grams of replica RM 61-01.

Jacbo&Co. Celestial Tourbillon Watch Sapphire

Let’s put the crystal aside and explain later. Let’s talk about Sapphire first. Foreign countries first used this word to name this artificial fake watch case material, but it is actually not that accurate.

We know that the term sapphire comes from the field of jewelry, and it is called the three great gems along with rubies and emeralds. From the perspective of gem mineralogy, natural ruby ​​(Ruby) and sapphire (Sapphire) are chemically composed of AI2O3, which are both corundum (Corundum) minerals.

The different colors are due to the inclusion of other metal ions in the crystal structure. Cr makes it appear red, and Fe and Ti make it blue. If there is no impurity metal ion, pure corundum mineral is colorless and transparent crystal.

Natural rubies are not all red. Due to the difference in the content of impurity ions, they are distributed from lighter yellow orange to darker purple-brown; the same is true for sapphires, including dark blue, green, purple, black, pink, etc., and almost Colorless. This provides a theoretical basis for artificial corundum minerals. Jacbo&Co. Celestial Tourbillon Watch Sapphire

As early as more than a hundred years ago, chemists have mastered the method of obtaining corundum crystals from powdered AI2O3 crystals: mixing powdered AI2O3 and colorant to a molten state, then adding a seed crystal, and then slowly cooling. In this way, corundum crystals can be obtained.

But at that time, it was still difficult to obtain crystals as huge as natural corundum minerals. It would take more than half a century. After scientific and technological progress, large-size corundum crystals were artificially manufactured.

Artificial colored corundum crystal @GIA

Artificial corundum, like natural corundum, has hardness second only to diamonds, and is extremely abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant. The watchmaking industry is the first to use this large-size artificial colorless corundum to make watch mirrors, replacing mineral glass that is not tough enough and plexiglass that is not scratch-resistant. , Which is the sapphire crystal that we often say.

Even nowadays, sapphire crystals are mainly used for more expensive watches, and some relatively affordable watch products still use mineral glass or plexiglass.

Because artificial colorless corundum replaces mineral glass and plexiglass, some people have also used this naming method, calling it “sapphire glass”, but it is understandable that glass is more of a commodity term, so it doesn’t matter if it is used.

In addition to high hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance, the artificial colorless corundum has another advantage of purity and transparency. Later, the back-through design of watches became popular, which is to replace the metal back cover with artificial corundum, which can be appreciated through the transparent back cover. Polishing and modification of mechanical movement, structure level and balance operation, etc.

Artificial corundum is used as a transparent bottom cover to showcase the gorgeous movement

Later, people simply made the entire watch case with artificial corundum. In addition to colorless artificial corundum, various colored corundums also found their use in the watch industry, but this is basically a thing after the new century. jacob and co astronomia spider

At this point we can say the conclusion. In fact, these artificial materials used in watches should be called artificial corundum more accurately. The watch mirror made of them should be called “corundum watch mirror”, and the case should be called “corundum watch case”. .

But how do ordinary consumers know what corundum is? Of course, it is better to use the name sapphire, a precious gem well known to the general public, which not only facilitates people’s memory, but also enhances the dignity of this man-made material.

In fact, the watch industry has used this new material as early as when humans first started to develop corundum. The wear-resistant gemstone bearing used on the movement is this red artificial corundum instead of the natural diamonds and natural rubies used earlier. Isometric material.

Picking up the problems of crystals and crystals mentioned above, they are actually translations of Crystal, but crystals refer to the structure and form of substances, as opposed to non-crystals. “Crystal” is still a professional vocabulary in the field of jewelry, in gem mineralogy. Here, crystal refers to a type of mineral crystal with a chemical composition of SiO2. There are different gems such as colorless crystal, citrine, and amethyst.

We had better not say that sapphire is connected with crystal, and sapphire has been conventionally used today to refer to the artificial corundum material used in the watchmaking industry for watch mirrors, watch backs, wholesale replica watches cases, etc. We directly call sapphire crystals and sapphire watches. The shell is just fine, no need to add suffixes such as glass, crystal or crystal.

Jacob & Co. Astronomy Clarity Rose Gold

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art Phoenix Watch Replica AT112.30.AA.UA.ABALA Jacob and Co Watch Price

Give it to Jacob & Co. founder Jacob Arabo to conceive a gravitational three-axis tourbillon and wrap it in transparent sapphire. The astronomically clear rose gold dome-shaped crystal gyro allows 360° viewing of the complex movement, which includes a gravity tourbillon rotating on three axes.

Hands-on Jacob & Co. Astronomy Art Phoenix

Bold, superb craftsmanship and charming technique.

Jacob Arabo has excellent acting skills. Over the years, the founder of Jacob & Co. has shaped a unique company in the watchmaking industry with a truly unique vision. His brand has created spectacular timepieces technically and visually. The sophistication of these finely crafted watches on stage has become the brand’s hallmark… Talking about finely crafted works, Astronomia Art Phoenix combines impressive watchmaking techniques and unparalleled fine art of decoration.

“Astronomical Art Phoenix” is a spectacular interpretation of the concept originally proposed in 2013. It combines three-dimensional display, unique complexity and artistic craftsmanship. Following versions such as “Imperial Dragon” or the extravagant “Octopus”, the latest “Astronomy” is characterized by the outstanding complexity of its miniature sculptures. This unique piece shows a golden phoenix flying over the movement and spreading its wings around its different elements.

Jacob & Co. Astronomy is a fascinating 3D mechanical epitome of constant motion. The display consists of a centrally mounted merry-go-round, with a constantly moving element at each end of the four satellite arms: a Jacob cut diamond weighing 1 carat, with 288 facets rotating in 60 seconds ; The magnesite globe can rotate in 60 seconds; a sub-dial for one hour and minutes; finally, a two-axis tourbillon regulates this charming ballet. The main cage can be rotated classically in 60 seconds, and due to the vertical axis, it can also be rotated every 5 minutes.

In order to develop this manual winding movement, Jacob & Co. collaborated with Studio 7h38 (owned by Luca Soprana), a movement manufacturer specializing in high complexity, located in Vomacus near Neuchâtel. It is composed of no less than 368 parts and can retain power for 60 hours after being completely wound.

The impressive sculpture wrapped around the movement was made by a single artist over a period of seven months. It is hand-carved and finished. Craftsmen cast a solid 18k rose gold phoenix from multiple parts. Before assembling them seamlessly, they were carefully polished and finished. Always pay attention to details. Because there is a lot of negative space, sculptors must create specific tools to work in areas that would otherwise be almost impossible to reach.

This charming ballet and sculpture is housed in a 47 mm white gold case. The impressive tall domed sapphire crystal invites you to appreciate the changing details from different angles. Like the side of the case, the lugs are hollowed out. You may have noticed that the luxury watches men does not have a crown. Flip the watch, the two symmetrical up keys are flush with the back cover. One is for the winding movement and the other is for setting the time. The watch is worn on a crocodile leather strap with a platinum folding buckle.

Naturally, the bold Jacob & Co. Astronomy Art Phoenix is ​​not underestimated, but it is known for the technicality of its movement and the attention to detail involved in its production. It has a three-dimensional sense and difference every time, it provides a dynamic and true hypnotic experience.

Technical specifications-JACOB&CO. ASTRONOMIA ART PHOENIX

Case: 47mm diameter x 25mm height-18k white gold, polished-dome sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating-case is surrounded by sapphire crystal glass-water resistance 30m

Movement: Jacob & Co. Movement JCAM25 manual winding-41.65 mm x 14.15 mm-42 jewels-384 parts-21,600 vibrations per hour-60 hours power reserve

Display: 4-arm 3D movement-1 carat of unique 288 facet Jacobs cut diamonds, rotation 60s-Magnesium blue lacquered globe, rotation 60s-dual-axis tourbillon, 1 rotation for 60s, 2 rotations in 5 minutes Within-hours and minutes

Strap: blue alligator leather strap with 18k white gold folding clasp

Reference: AT112.30.AA.UA.ABALA