Zenith teams up with Aaron Rodgers to launch new Chronomaster Sport

Zenith has partnered with brand ambassador and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers to launch the first Chronomaster Sport limited edition watch.
Functionality is the same as the standard model, but it introduces the first green dial and ceramic bezel to the series.
It was also the first watch to use Arabic numerals on the dial.

For better or worse, the Zenith Chronomaster Sport has been compared to the Rolex Daytona since its launch. Considering the respect in which the king was held, this was by no means a dishonorable thing to do. Whether it’s ceramic or steel bezels, the watch world finds itself with modern and neo-retro models alike. Of course, those in the know know the connection between Zenith and Rolex, which has used Zenith’s legendary El Primero movement to power the Daytona for years. Currently, the Chronomaster Sport stands out technically with its high-beat movement, whose central chronograph seconds hand rotates a full revolution every ten seconds and is accurate to a tenth of a second. So, all the noise aside, they are equally striking chronographs with unique characteristics. Today, however, Zenith has irrefutably done something their rival chronographs have never done before and launched the first-ever Chronomaster Sport limited edition. To pay homage to its brand ambassador, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Zenith cheap has launched the Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers Limited Edition with a green dial and green ceramic bezel – something we’ve always wanted but never had. Never owned a Hulk chronograph, until now.

The Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers is limited to 250 pieces and has the same dimensions and features as the standard production model. The difference, of course, is the green ceramic bezel and dial, which many will associate with Rodgers’ current NFL team, the New York Jets. For those unfamiliar with American football, the New York Jets home jersey is green with white accents. Before joining the Jets this year, Rodgers spent the first 17 years of his NFL career with the Green Bay Packers, whose home uniforms also feature green. The Jets simply complemented the green with white, while the Packers used yellow and white accents on their green home jerseys. I point this out because the green on this watch is instantly clear and there is a white to gray spectrum of white SuperLuminova and tri-color register.

Look closely and you’ll notice that the tips of the chronograph hands are a Packers-style yellow. coincide? I’m just being cheeky here because there’s no official statement from Zenith about how they arrived at the color combinations, but when you think about it, having a green background means you have to tilt the chronograph hands to the correct color for legibility. Go through them in your mind. Red is too Christmassy, orange is a bit vomit-inducing, white is too uniform, and black or blue is a bit hard to tell. Ultimately, yellow has the loudest pop of color and, in my opinion, complements the dial beautifully. Especially given its (un)conscious, subtle symbolism. BTW – I have to give Zenith props for perfectly matching the color of the date window to the dial. Many brands gloss over this detail, but Zenith took its time to get it right. https://www.proreviewwatch.co

Another first for the Chronomaster Sport is the use of Arabic numerals for the hour markers rather than a full set of baton numerals. The use of numbers is meant to be reminiscent of the numbers on the front and back of NFL jerseys. On the back, the El Primero 3600 is displayed beneath a sapphire crystal. The crystal also features a commemorative etching of Aaron Rodgers’ personal “AR” logo, slightly blocking the view of the movement below.

As an American, I’m biased against Aaron Rodgers’ popularity. Domestically, he certainly has influence. From an international perspective, I can’t say for sure. Watch fans, Jets fans, Packers fans or Aaron Rodgers fans will all be interested in this version, but in the context of the broader watch community who are less familiar with Rodgers or the NFL, I predict this Chronomaster Sport Sales will be quite fast due to its green dial and green ceramic bezel. Not only was green the recently certified color of the year, but executed in this manner, it offers watch collectors a brief opportunity to own a Hulk colorway chronograph that is a heavyweight in the category. replica watches for sale

Zenith Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers
Brand Zenith
Model Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers Limited Edition
Housing dimensions 41mm (D) x 13.8mm (L) x 47mm (L)
Case material stainless steel
Water resistance 100 meters
Dial green three color counter
Crystal Sapphire crystal front and back
Strap: stainless steel bracelet, folding clasp
Mobile El Primero 3600, Manufacture, Automatic, Column Wheel Chronograph
Power reserve 60 hours
Functions hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph

Breitling’s Navitimer 1 Airline Editions

Fasten your seat belts: take a closer look at Breitling’s Navitimer 1 Airline Editions

Breitling brings back the glorious years of air travel with its latest capsule series.

There was a time when air travel was not as tedious as it is today. In a futuristic jet plane directly derived from science fiction, travelers fly over the clouds and fly into the distance. Do they charge for checked luggage and a bag of peanuts? It must not work! This was the golden age of air travel, when airline flights were unregulated and seemed to have no borders. In the 1950s and 1960s, only two watch brands controlled the friendly sky, Breitling and Rolex.

Long before Boeing launched the iconic 707, Breitling had equipped one of their chronographs with a circular slide rule. The mass production model was officially launched in 1952 and was called Navitimer. For decades, Breitling has been the pilot’s preferred equipment. To celebrate this rich history, Breitling launched three Navitimer 1 Airline Editions. Let’s do it!

Pan American World Airlines (PanAm)
Pan American World Airways, referred to as PanAm, is the brainchild of founder Juan Trippe. He once pondered: “Large-scale air travel may be more important to the world’s destiny than the atomic bomb.” Finally, he was right. Since the end of World War II, air travel The rapid development of China has made it possible for supersonic passenger flights, long-distance flights and everything in between. Traveling from various locations to Europe and Asia is now commonplace. However, half a century ago, this was impossible. Pan Am has played a huge role in promoting modern air travel, and this former airline has always existed in folklore.

PanAm’s Clipper aircraft embarked on an arduous transatlantic journey, followed by a beautiful Boeing aircraft, and finally a double-decker 747. To celebrate this legendary airline, Breitling cheap launched Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 43 Pan Am Edition. The bright blue waves of the PanAm logo, called “Blue Meatballs”, run through this stunning new chronograph.

Like other works in the Airlines Editions series, the PanAm version is powered by Breitling’s self-made 01 automatic chronograph movement. The bright blue dial theme contrasts sharply with the bright white sub-register with red accents. On the wrist, the Milanese bracelet is comfortable to wear. Now let’s take a look at PanAm’s main competitor, TWA.

Global Airlines
If you have ever watched the movie “Pilot”, you will understand the history behind TWA. The airline was acquired by billionaire inventor and tycoon Howard Hughes in 1939 to engage in record-breaking business. Distance, speed, and altitude are the names of the game, and the weird Hughes put the money on his lips. PanAm has their Clipper and TWA has Constellation, which is a four-engine aircraft that represents a huge leap in air travel. For the first time, the interior of an aircraft can be pressurized to make it fly into the stratosphere higher than the weather.

Breitling’s Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 43 TWA Edition features a bright white dial and red accents. Again, the pattern is very similar to the color of the original TWA logo and can also be found on the sapphire crystal back cover. At 43mm in size (like all other airline versions), this piece looks great when sipping Negroni at 30,000 feet.

Although TWA officially ceased operations in 2001, the brand is enjoying a revival in New York, one of the airline’s largest former hubs. The recently opened Global Aviation Lounge on World Trade One brought back the wavering 1960s on the 86th floor of the new World Trade Center. In fact, Breitling used this location when it officially launched the aviation version in the United States. It is indeed a suitable place! Later this year, keep an eye out for the TWA Hotel at JFK. The airline’s former terminal is being transformed into a chic destination for those who wish to disappear into the golden age of travel.

Swiss Airlines
If you don’t pay tribute to Swissair’s “flying bank”, what will this Swiss-made Navitimers series be? For the uninitiated, Swissair has operated for nearly a century, covering everything from heavy cargo to vacationers going to foreign countries. Once upon a time, the airline’s operations were hardly challenged. Because of their financial stability (Switzerland, eh?), they can manage to reach destinations outside of the traditional European liner radar. Although Switzerland is a relatively small country, Swissair has helped a new generation of people open up the sky. Discount watches

Breitling’s Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 43 Swissair Edition is a faithful tribute to this once great airline. This 43mm timepiece features a solid panda dial with black as the main color and a contrasting white subdial. The red pointer and chapter ring perfectly match the Swiss flag. You may notice that all three airline versions pay tribute to airlines that no longer exist. Although Swissair is now technically Swiss International Air Lines, the three former ladies of air travel (Pan Am, TWA, and Swissair) all recalled the glorious years of air travel. In my opinion, every work is a proper tribute.

You will also notice that each product in the Airlines Edition has a different main bracelet base material. PanAm has a smooth Milanese bracelet, TWA has a rough brown leather strap, and finally, Swissair has a soft black leather strap. It is a good feeling that Breitling spends time and energy to distinguish each piece with a unique identity. However, we were told that owners will be able to purchase other strap options for their Airline Editions products.

Although these works are technically “limited”, Breitling CEO Georges Kern added: “We will launch these airline versions in a new capsule series, which will be produced in a limited time, so the quantity Limited, but the watches are not numbered. Through these capsule series, Breitling aims to tell specific stories rooted in the history of its core series. This distinguishes them from our limited editions, which will retain its original intention: limited to a small number of fixed The number of fashion watches.”