The solar system on JACOB&CO.’s wrist

After two years of research and development, Jacob&Co. finally launched the Astronomia Solar Celestial Series at the Basel World Watch and Jewellery Expo in 2017. This watch is inspired by the eight planets of the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Jack Po puts all the elements of the Astronomia Celestial Series watch on a 44.5 mm diameter case: The Astronomia Solar Celestial Series is equipped with a 34.55 mm diameter movement with 439 parts rotating in both directions at a constant speed. As a watch inspired by the solar system, it shows the details of these celestial bodies more vividly.

The vertical movement JCAM19 produced by Jakebao has three arms:

The first arm controls the hour and minute dial made of sapphire, which rotates counterclockwise. At the same time, it uses a patented differential gear system to ensure that no matter where the sub-dial is, 12 o’clock is always in the correct position.Buy cheap watch

Two-axis (10 minutes/60 seconds) gravity flying tourbillon with Jake Bao trademark on the second arm control frame

The third arm controls the hand-engraved earth sphere, allowing it to complete its rotation in 60 seconds and rotate around the dial in 10 minutes

In the middle of the movement is a Jacob Cut citrine of approximately 1.5 carats.

The bidirectional movement rotates 360 degrees clockwise in 10 minutes, and the aventurine chassis rotates 360 degrees counterclockwise at the same speed, creating a fashionable solar system under acceleration.

The idea of ​​Jakebao Astronomia celestial body series has always been to properly inlay gems in a playful environment to highlight the position of the earth in the solar system, thereby creating a zero-gravity effect. After all, this is the basis for our concept of time. In the Astronomia Solar series of celestial bodies, all eight planets of the solar system have their own positions on the dial for the first time, with the sun in the center, made of a 1.5-carat Jacob Cut-cut citrine with 288 facets Become.

The hand-carved earth sphere completes its rotation in 60 seconds and revolves around the dial in 10 minutes. It is in the same structure as the time molecule dial and the flying tourbillon that rotates once in 60 seconds.

The smaller case, new functions and faster rotation speed all benefit from a new internal movement. The Jacob&Co. manual winding movement JCAM19 runs at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 cycles/hour), which is faster than any other Astronomia celestial series watch. Although the diameter of the movement is only 34.55 mm, it actually has 439 parts, which does not include the inlaid gems and semi-precious stones (more than other Astronomia celestial watches).

This watch continues the tradition of the Astronomia celestial series, which combines Swiss high-level watchmaking with Jacob Arabo’s purchasing talent and gem cutting innovative craftsmanship to abstractly depict the universe. It can be said The new Astronomia Solar celestial series watches have broadened people’s understanding of watches, both in form and in fact.