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Vacheron Constantin luxury launched the Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first line of thousands of years “Moonlight” sapphire jewelry watch

Geneva, April 7, 2021 – Vacheron Constantin launched a new Les Cabinotiers attic artisan hourglass. This unique watch is equipped with a brand homemade 2460 RQP movement, which provides powerful power for its unique three-pin first-line time. The precious gem is inlaid in a beautiful mechanical carved dial and the lap, and the time indication of the technological attainment is ingenious and elegant read. The new form is eye-catching in the 2021 “Watch and Miracle” high-end, smartly of the exhibition theme of Vacheron Constantin – classic, own “spin” machine, interpreting the brand in respect of the tradition, and also courage to explore the individuality of the new field In the pursuit.

Three-pin first-line wrist episodes Sports in the precision clock used by the literatist for more than 200 years ago. This time, Vacheron Constantin has a new idea to give this ancient time instruction design with a unique Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first race. This masterpiece is also equipped with a long-year-old and precision moon to highlight the respect of astronomical watches. In the brand watchmaking master, these high-end watch complex functions have shown the charm. The dial can be decorated with beautiful handmade carving decoration, the edge alternately embodies the gorgeous diamonds and sapphire, and the diamonds are mixed. The level of exquisite craft to make the dial is more abundant, the time display and the astronomical function are also more awkward.

Three-pin first-line time plan
This unique Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first-line long-year-old “Moonlight” is the difference between the sapphire jewelry watch is, using the three-pin first line indication of the normative pointer. Under the drive of 2460 RQP automatic upper chain head, the hour meter indicates a minute in a central pointer, and the hour is displayed in a small dial of the 12 o’clock position.

This indication time is designed with a non-shaft layout, inspiration in the late 17th century. In the observation of the track of the sky and the celestial body, astronomers quickly realized that heavenly observations require reliable and standardized time measurement tools. In order to meet this need, the members invented the Regular Clocks, also known as “master clocks), which was often used as a time reference when high-precision. At the time of the main time, it is extremely precise, which is beneficial to the bimetal material pendulum, which can compensate for the effects of temperature change pairs. In addition, the clock also uses independent time, minute, second display design, indicating minutes in the center pointer, showing hours and seconds in two small dials, easy to read the time.

After the circulation and watch, this mechanical invention has not been favored by this mechanical invention, but with unique thought and clearing advantages. Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first-line long-year-old “Moonlight” sapphire jewelry watch, new interpretation of this classic time display layout, and with the long-year-old and precision month function, change the 6-point traditional small second needle display to date and The moon phase shows, pay tribute three-pin first-line design as the astronomical origin.

Super Astronomical Function
For thousands of years, people have always used the moon to measure the time of the reference matter, especially with its measurement of months and weeks. Under the inspiration of these early astronomical observations, the children quickly realized the importance of adding the moon on the time plan. By combining the merger function of the earth-based perspective, the moon phase display is not only poetic, not only the planet law, but also distracting the superficial technical attainment. The technical difficulty of moon phase display mechanism is that a complete monthly phase period is 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2.8 seconds (ie 29.5305881 days), and the moon phase function must be driven by sixty-based movements. The most common practice for menistors is that after the month, the monthly phase period is taken after 29.5 days, then drive the gear of 59 to correspond to two months. In this way, the moon phase display function will have an error every 32 months. There is also a more complex, but more accurate mechanism, namely 135 teeth, such as the function of the function, is called the precision astronomical monthly display, and 1 day error will appear every 122 days. Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first-line long-term “Moonlight” sapphire jewelry watch 2460 RQP movement is equipped with a precision moon in the long-year calendar mechanism. Under the movement of the motor storage for 40 hours, the long-year calendar mechanism can accurately reflect the complex change of the calendar, no need to adjust before 2100. Each long-year-old function is present in an orderly manner: the week and the month window is listed on the left and right sides of the hour small dial, and the 4-point position of the hour small dial is displayed. The dial 6 is displayed, which is clearly indicated by a pointer, and the moon phase shows the center of the date display.

Exquisite art process and outstanding creativity
This unique hour account is carefully decorated with the Master of Vacheron Constantin, highlights the booming creative. On the dial of the Platinum pointer, the Master is meticulously engraved with beautiful spiral patterns, and the lap is inlaid 44 long-step cut diamonds, shining. The silver moving surface is alternately inlaid between 36 long-step shaped cut diamonds and 10 sapphires between the edge of the silver adjustment disk; in which sapphire is inlaid. The hourly small dial and the moon phase display are deep blue, and it is complement to sapphire.

This replica watches usa is equipped with an 18K white golden case in diameter, and is displayed in exquisite. Every detail of the movement is also polished with manual carefully. Through sapphire crystal surface, the beautiful round granululine decoration on the main splint is not legacy, and the bridge is decorated in Geneva ripple pattern, 18K 5n gold . The watch is equipped with a deep blue crocodile leather strap, which is inspired by the 18K golden needle buckle buckle of Maltese Cross, and 12 long-step cut diamonds are inlaid.

Vast universe
Every year, the annual attention of Vacheron Constantin is focused on the focus. The Les Cabinotiers attic artisan sector will launch a unique set of hours. The annual theme of 2021 is the “vast universe”, with excellent time measures, the origin of the astronomy of the taking time measurement.

At the beginning of human civilization, the alternating reciprocity of day and night, the evolution and development of the night sky, and the phenomenon of months and losses and moon eclipse, they all have fascinating mysterious charm. It is attracted to unlock the mystery of the universe. In the mythical story, it has established an universe theory of intertwined movie and romantic poetic. It has been long ago, the first batch of people who have a scientific eye tries to interpret the mystery of nature and explore the laws and order.

It is based on these measurements and is accompanied by the appearance of words, the first calendar in human history is born. Subsequently, the hexadecimal count system of Cuba Babon is divided into 60 and other parts in an angle. Traditional tabs inherit this rigorous scientific approach and continued. Today’s watch can achieve a variety of astronomical display, such as calendar, starry, moon phase, tidal and season, or even standard, when sun, and stars, and its difference display. And Vacheron Constantin is more exclusive, including mechanical carving, theme pattern engraving, or star-like sparkling jewelry, and is accurately presenting the astronomical world in the time plan of the wrist, giving a mystery from the ancient legend. charm. The new Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman fake luxury watches condensed astronomical clock field skills, salute time romantic poetry.