Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Power Reserve 14 days

Did the power reserve calculate? This is not the case, but some Shop the Luxury watches seem to prove the difference between the two. They are all about power reserves, not afraid to show it. The Big Bang MP-11 of Hublot is one of the watches, and the manual upper string movement will run continuously for 14 days and displayed in dramatic way.

This big explosion is part of the MP series, two of which represent “Manufacture Piece”, which contain some of the most complex creative brands. For MP-11, the Hublot is connected in series and places them vertically in the movement. On the left, they add a display role that you can read the power reserves above. Due to this structure, the dial and other movements are placed above. It acquires power from the hair strip box from the 90-degree tabwheel worm. Since the hair strip box is high, it is towering on the dial, even on the dial, the lap and sapphire crystal must be slightly backed up in this shape. Especially from visual, this is very spectacular.

What makes MP-11 more interesting is that the Yubiki provides many different varieties, and each variety has its own characteristics. In 3D Carbon, Urban Material from the US military is MP-11, which is a 90-gram of feather lamp champion with high-tech appearance. Not only is its movement, but also a three-dimensional woven polymer compound composite material having carbon fiber, also gives people a deep impression.

At the other end of the spectrum, we found the MP-11 made of King King, with colorless diamonds. This is a very precious creation, but it also has technical changes. It may not be as obvious as the version in 3D Carbon, but it is very complicated to cut and mounted the French-shaped diamonds to make it completely conforming to the projections of the lap. They use 50 gemstone inlays, with a total of 3.2 carats, and to cover 172 bright cut diamonds for the case extra inlaid. Impressive numbers, in case 14 days of power storage, it is not good enough for you.