Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage

Presented on a rubber strap embossed with a Milanese style mesh pattern, the Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage is attached to the wrist via a pin buckle in matching steel. It is also available on calf leather straps for those wishing to cling onto a classic. Price is set at CHF 5,950. For more information, please visit
Graham sells its creations through GRAHAM e-shop, Boutique and Authorized retailers. Graham watches sold on other websites may be of uncertain origin,counterfeit or altered and are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
Les Chronofighter Grand Vintage “Graffiti” affichent audacieusement leur esprit provocateur. Leur glace saphir bombée et inrayable sert de support à la créativité de Graham. Comme un mur sert de toile au street art, la glace saphir accueille des graffitis gravés au laser qui laissent voir l’heure.
Thinking big is most effective when it’s matched with making it big in an elegant manner. A 47 mm case, with increased aperture, and an iconic stop-start trigger show that the Chronofighter Grand Vintage means business. Military aviation history from the 1940s has reached new heights in this striking quartet of confidently contemporary timepieces. They are time capsules that connect yesterday to today, with refinement and simplicity born of expertise. Watch out for them on the wrists of stylish connoisseurs with a glass of Grand Vintage malt whisky in their hand, or co-piloting sporty free spirits.
Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage Swiss Edition April 2020 The Poya is a Swiss ritual consisting of ascending the cowherd up to the mountain pastures for the sunny season. A return to simplicity and a celebration of nature …
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