Carl F. Bucherer further expands the versatility of its Manero flyback watch series

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Metropolitan people’s attitude towards life is the cultural and refined attitude that replica Carl F. Bucherer has adopted since 1888, and it is reflected in his Manero flyback series. Today marks the expansion of this versatile series, with three new products debuting on highly comfortable bracelets for the first time. The strap is made of nine exquisitely finished stainless steel alternating links, perfectly integrated between Manero Flyback’s trademark protruding lugs, to continue the long history of chronographs designed for the fast-paced world.

Clocks and watches are a shared language between all new and long-term customers of the Lucerne manufacturer. For them, a historical name like Carl F. Bucherer replica was immediately recognized-especially because it is one of the few independent companies led by Jörg G. Bucherer in existence. One of the family-owned Swiss watchmakers. In order to meet their expectations, exquisite designs must satisfy out-and-out functions, balance the gorgeous appearance with barrier-free legibility, and precious appearances provide excellent wearing comfort all day long. This and the all-encompassing focus on execution quality have become part of the secret recipe that led to the success story of Manero Flyback.

Experienced watch enthusiasts hold the Manero Flyback in their hands, and it impresses them with its reassuring solidity and sturdiness-theoretically, this should be commonplace, but it is indeed a strange rarity. , Especially when taken to such a degree. The iconic feat of the series is only emphasized by the new stainless steel nine-chain bracelet. A closer look reveals the perfect combination of the solid end chain, because each of the nine links follows the curvature of the lugs, which provides an extremely strong fit and finish between the case and the bracelet. The double-folding clasp has a slim shell to ensure maximum wearing comfort when working on a desk or computer, while its highly polished appearance and decorated interior ensure its execution effect is the same as the rest of the Manero Flyback .

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The aesthetics of Manero Flyback are characterized by high contrast, symmetrical dual-counter dial layout, and beveled date window at 6 o’clock-the classic chronograph design reinterprets the perfection of proportions and the richness of details. The trajectories of the hour and minute hands contrast from the inside out, featuring 11 hand-applied triangular scales, which are designed to match the hollow dauphine hands on the center and sub-dial. The most subtle changes in the surface treatment make Manero Flyback impressive. The hour hand is brushed, the center of the main dial is polished, and the sub dial is engraved with grooves. Each of these five dial options can play light in its own unique way.

No matter which version you choose, Manero Flyback will issue a stylish and distinctive international statement. Viewed from a distance or close up, it looks and feels very luxurious. Although the beauty of the alternate finish of its stainless steel exterior can be seen by everyone, the reassuring solid feeling can only be appreciated by the wearer. The 43mm x 14.45mm case, the dial and the bracelet are framed by a polished stainless steel ultra-thin frame, giving a sense of modern elegance and versatility. By modifying the reliable and easy-to-use 7750 chronograph movement, the CFB 1970 movement has come to life. By adding cylindrical gears (which replace the cams and levers that are used to start, stop and reset the chronograph), the excellent feel of the push rod has been achieved, while further improvements have added the anti-flying function of the same name. The latter is a relatively rare complication in the chronograph, which allows the user to stop, reset and restart the timing by simply pressing the reset button.