Carl F. Bucherer Adamavi watch

Adamavi Carl F. Bucherer benefits from being an independent watch brand. Providing continuity to the high quality brand is based on a valuable store of experience in the field of mechanical watchmaking and the art of jewelry.

Carl F. Bucherer Brand Ambassador Mujinga Kambundji Honored With Two Prestigious Titles. LUCERNE (Dec. 18, 2019) Carl F. Bucherer is pleased and very proud to announce that brand ambassadors Wendy Holdener and Mujinga Kambundji were nominated at the Swiss Sports Awards 2019 for their outstanding athletic performances this year.

Carl F Bucherer replica watch is a luxury watch brand known for fine complications, jewelry-grade decorative elements, and refreshingly original designs. One of the major technological innovations the firm pioneered is the peripheral rotor automatic movement.

In 1970 Carl F. Bucherer introduced the first Swiss quartz watch after having developed the now historical Beta 21 quartz caliber. Today, notable Carl F. Bucherer models are the Patravi, Manero, Adamavi, Pathos, Alacria. Carl F. Bucherer automatic watches for men and women keep time with your movement. With automatic watches, no winding is necessary; as you move your wrist and arm during normal activity, the watch mainspring winds itself. This allows the automatic watch to keep perpetual time.

Founded in 1888 in Lucerne, Carl F. Bucherer is a luxury Swiss watchmaker known for its visionary talents and independent passions. The company was created when Carl Friedrich Bucherer believed that traditional pocket watches would soon be eradicated and lose popularity in favour of the wristwatch.

Watchmaking skills, technical innovations and continuity are values that define Carl F. Bucherer. The Adamavi range is a collection that stands for the pleasure provided by timeless design and for a unique philosophy: the striving to preserve things of proven value.

With a watchmaking heritage that spans more than 130 years, the Carl F. Bucherer family designs visionary timepieces, each with a distinctive quality. The Adamavi is an utterly elegant timepiece, defined by a classic, understated appearance and technological …

Carl F Bucherer offers Adamavi models in 18K rose gold or stainless steel. Dials come in white or champagne, and straps are black alligator leather, steel with folding clasps, or a combo of steel and rose gold. Manero. The name “Manero” was derived from the Latin …

Carl F. Bucherer Adamavi Adamavi Add to wishlist. Carl F. Bucherer Pathos Diva Or Rose Add to wishlist. The brand. Watches of technical perfection and beauty, through tradition and the force of innovation. Carl F. Bucherer is an independent Swiss watchmaker with expertise in the production of precious contemporary watches in the premium market.