Breguet Launches White Gold and Blue Tradition Quantième Rétrograde 7597

An amazing iteration of a beautiful replica watch.

Introduced in 2005, the Breguet Tradition featured an inverted movement that exposed most of the movement on the dial. It is a modern concept inspired by the 19th century: the movement is inspired by the souscription pocket watch created by Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Since its launch, Tradition has grown into a full-fledged collection, from time-only models to top-of-the-line tourbillons with fuses and chains. The Tradition Quantième Rétrograde 7597 is the simplest yet most striking, refreshed with an attractive blue dial.

I’ve always found Tradition appealing, especially the earlier models with smaller case sizes, which tended to fit better with traditional color palettes like gold or “pink”. Newer models are more mechanically sophisticated, but they have larger cases and mostly modern grays and blacks, so there’s no retro elegance.

But the latest Quantième Rétrograde is one of the prettiest traditional models in the current catalog. It’s mechanically identical to the first introduced in 2020, but now features a higher-contrast two-tone dial, giving it a stronger personality and easily distinguishing it from the more classic legacy models.

The blue-grey finish isn’t new, as it’s been used before on the boutique edition Tradition 7097, a simpler watch without a date. But the date is what makes Quantième Rétrograde special. While date displays often get in the way of good design, retrograde dates contribute to the aesthetics here. The elongated date scale is an elegant detail that gives balance to the dial.

The downside of the date indicator is the pusher at 10 o’clock to adjust the date. It’s not elegant relative to the rest of the wholesale fake watches, and I hope Breguet finds a better solution for this.

While the Quantième Rétrograde isn’t particularly affordable in an absolute sense, it offers good value. The reversed movement and retrograde date mean it’s a unique proposition at this price point. Breguet’s consistent quality and unique movement structure endow it with many inherent qualities. It’s one of the few attractive watches that doesn’t have a long waiting list, something that’s on the market today.

Loyal to tradition
The Tradition is modeled after the famous souscription pocket watch of the late 18th century. They were novel in structure, but also in concept: Breguet sold them on a “subscription” basis, so buyers had to pay first and then receive them some time later.

The layout of the Tradition movement is similar to the souscription pocket watch movement, but it has been inverted so that the time is displayed on the same face as the balance wheel. While paying homage to tradition, it manages to be creative and contemporary – no pun intended.

The traditional aspect of the watch continues with its decorative detail, the dial. It is a solid gold disc and the engine turns in the traditional way – using a manually operated linear engine – to create a guilloche finish. A modern touch follows: the dial is then electroplated, giving it a dark blue metallic finish.

But the details of the dial are more than just the knurled guilloche. It has layers of detailing that give it the complex, expensive look typical of fake Breguet. The same goes for the date scale, which is brushed at the top and beveled on its sides, while there are dome pins at the top to separate the date numerals.

Maybe it’s because the bridges and bottom plate are all matte and have a dark grey finish, which looks simple at first glance, but it’s actually detailed and thorough, even the spokes have narrow bevels

While the front is attractive, the back is more austere, as expected from an upside-down construction – although it’s still done to the same standard.

The highlight is the axe rotor, which is modeled after the hammer-winding mechanism found in Breguet’s perpetuelle watches, one of the first self-winding timepieces ever built. But the rotor is completely modern in function, turning 360 degrees to effectively wind the mainspring.

Breguet Tradition Quantième Retrograde 7597
Ref. 7597BB/GY/9WU

Diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 12.1mm
Material: Platinum
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30 m

Movement: Carl. 505Q
Functions: hours, minutes, retrograde date
Winding: automatic winding
Frequency: 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 50 hours

Strap: Blue alligator leather pin buckle

Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Hour Review

I remember the first time I saw the Executive Dual Time watch. I visited Ulysse Nardin at a watch trade show and saw some models that I was not yet familiar with. Obviously they are UN watches, but they don’t have the typical UN look that many associate with the brand. The “Executive” in the name seems to imply that the UN wants these watches to be aimed at business people looking for reliable everyday wear. The construction is impressive and I can’t get over that super clear dial – but do I love this watch?

After using the Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time watch for a while, I can easily say that I really like this watch. I wasn’t sure at first, but this piece really took me seriously – thanks in large part to a combination of factors including movement, legibility and quality. I still don’t know how it fits into the overall DNA of the Ulysse Nardin line, and frankly, I don’t even care. Ulysse Nardin is an independent watch maker – they can design and release whatever they like without having to make sure it fits some prescribed mold.

This particular Executive Dual Time watch is numbered # 243-00/42. Look online and you’ll find a wide variety of styles in the collection. The stainless steel (also 18k rose gold) case is 43mm wide with a very wide lug construction and strap. This makes it feel larger on the wrist while not looking like a big watch. 43mm wide isn’t too big today, and the mostly round case with thick bezels makes it look less bulky on the wrist. The bezel reminds you it’s black ceramic. Here, materials are used appropriately to add color, gloss, and of course the high level of scratch resistance of ceramics.

Ulysse Nardin does a great job of making this case interesting, but not too weird. Fully polished, the finish is well done, and the little details on the case keep it from getting boring. The proprietary strap connection on the lugs forces you to only buy the Ulysse Nardin strap, but you might argue that it deserves the unique look. Even the details on the crown guard and the crown with the UN logo can be easily appreciated. On the other side of the case are two ceramic buttons and a serial number plate. While this is not a limited edition watch, Ulysse Nardin likes to personalize each piece with a nameplate bearing its unique serial number.

What impresses me is that the Executive Dual Time is water resistant to 100 meters. It’s not terribly high or anything, but it exceeds my expectations for this type of watch. Above the dial is a sapphire crystal with just the right amount of AR coating to prevent glare as much as possible. Another sapphire crystal sits above the case back to reveal the movement.

As I said, dial legibility is excellent. I think one of the main advantages of the series. On this model, the dial is a smooth black with a mix of applied and printed hour markers. UN appropriately uses diamond-cut and polished indexes and hands to create a high level of contrast, while retaining the desire for polished metal.

Design-wise, the dial has a large rectangular minute indicator and circular secondary seconds dial, among other elements that don’t seem to come together on paper. This combination of seemingly random design cues from brands like Cartier and Roger Dubuis actually makes sense — but probably not at first. Like I said, I wasn’t drawn to the watch’s dial design until I lived with it for a while. Now I really appreciate the combination of elegance and functionality. The dial does have lumens, but not a lot. Quality SuperLumiNova parts are used for the hands and some hour markers on the inner scale. Having said that, the high-contrast dial itself is easy to read in the dark without Luminous.

What about the dual time function? Ulysse Nardin fake apparently released this system back in 1996, and it’s still a powerful module made by the brand. Inside this watch is the caliber UN-24 automatic movement. This is composed of a modified Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement. Above it is a special Athens module that adds a large date indicator and second time zone. What struck me about UN-24 was two things. First, the movement runs very smoothly. You’ll feel that all the kinks have been worked out from the movement long ago, and making adjustments feels safe and controllable. Sometimes the movements feel as if they have little work and development is rushed – but not here.

The date adjustment feature you’ll love is the ability to adjust dates back and forth. Trust me – it’s a good thing. The dual time function is displayed through a window that displays the time in 24-hour format. This is the same function as GMT, but it uses a disc with a GMT hand to indicate a second time zone. Both times change when you adjust the time via the crown. The trick lies in the two buttons on the left side of the case – these are used to change the local time (main dial) forwards and backwards. The result is an easy-to-read, easy-to-adjust GMT watch for travel. There are even handy plus and minus signs on the putter. The ability to move the date and time zone in both directions shows a dedication to user experience, which is actually a bit of a rarity in this industry.

Compared to many watches, the Executive Dial Time replica watch gets quite a few compliments on my wrist. I guess it does have a nice “execution” look. The strap is available in textured rubber and alligator leather. The bi-fold button expander is made of smooth polished metal in a style I’ve never seen before. Even that element has a lot of attention. Overall, it’s the many little details that make this great watch. I warmly compliment it to anyone who might benefit from its functionality and see this beautiful watch on their wrist.

A landmark year for BREMONT and British watchmaking

As 2021 draws to a close, we want to look back on one of our busiest and most ambitious years since Bremont fake was founded in 2002.

The year was filled with great excitement and great achievements. From the opening of The Wing in Henley-on-Thames, our manufacturing and technical centre in the heart of the English countryside, to the launch of our own movement collection, the ENG300, the fulfillment of our lifelong ambition to bring watchmaking back to British shores. The construction of The Wing It takes considerable patience, time and investment, but the 35,000-square-foot state-of-the-art mechanical watch manufacturing facility is a dream, and it represents yet another leap forward in British watchmaking on a scale not seen in the UK since the 1970s.

In addition to The Wing, we continue to expand our retail portfolio and this year we are proud to open 5 new branded boutiques in Shanghai, Manchester, Bluewater, Birmingham and Bristol – fueling our ambition and inspiring us to use brick Blocks tell Bremont’s story with passion and mortar across the globe. fake men’s watches

Our ambassadors and partners constantly test themselves and our watches beyond endurance to achieve greater excellence. From the Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja MBE climbing 14 of the world’s highest peaks in record time, to the Rolls-Royce “Spirit of Innovation” breaking the world record for the fastest flight of an all-electric aircraft. Likewise, we celebrated the RFU’s 150th anniversary and had an exciting F1 season in partnership with the Williams team, which we were delighted to witness at Silverstone, joined by our good friend Harrison Ford.

We’re proud to work with so many exciting talents and brand partners that push us to create watches that challenge and inspire us, and there’s been no shortage of new releases this year. From the acclaimed Supermarine Chrono represented by our action ambassador, Jason Fox, to the elegant diamond-encrusted Lady K, inspired by the sailboats our fathers built for our mothers when we were kids. The desert-inspired titanium MB Savanna continues our successful partnership with Martin-Baker, with our watches subjected to the same rigorous testing program as flying ejection seats – play with our online MB configurator, Build your own custom MB for the holidays! And this fall, we are proud to introduce a limited edition Longitude,

We have demonstrated excellence and commitment to the development of UK manufacturing through investment, education and apprenticeships and we are delighted to have won the ‘Made in Britain’ award at the Walpole 2021 British Luxury Awards. Bremont was also named ‘British Watch Company of the Year’ at the WatchPro Awards and we are very proud to be awarded the Silver Armed Forces Covenant for our support of the Armed Forces and their families. It is an honor to receive these prestigious awards in a year that has been such an important milestone.

None of this would have been possible without you – thanks to our friends and customers who support and encourage us every step of the way. Our success belongs to you, and we have more to share with you as we look ahead to our 20th anniversary in 2022.

Stay safe and enjoy spending time with your loved ones this holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in 2022 and wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best. cheap BREMONT