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We often tell you that there is only one step between the world of the car and the world of watchmaking. In this new piece from Watches x Cars, I introduce you to two jewels in their respective industries: the Bugatti Chiron and the most automotive performance of all watches: the Jacob & Co Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, the Bugatti Chiron was tasked with replacing the Veyron, which was leaving the market after 14 years in production. The Veyron is the superlative car of all, with a top speed of more than 400 km/h, a price of more than 1 million euros and, most importantly, 4-figure power: 1001 horsepower. It quickly became an automotive legend, but it had to end its long career in 2015 after selling 450 copies.

A year later, the Chiron, named after 1930s Bugatti driver Louis Chiron, was unveiled to the public with much fanfare. It pushes back all the limits previously set by the Veyron: the W16 is pushed to 1500 hp and 1600 Nm of torque, the tachometer reaches 500 km/h and its carbon structure is reinforced with aero parts. To bring it home, it cost twice as much as its predecessor… Soon, more than half of the planned 500 copies found buyers, and Bugatti adjusted the record: 0-400-0 at 41.96 Seconds, 490 km/h top speed. The Chiron is positioned as one of the fastest cars in the world and is gradually launched: Sport, Black, Pur Sport, Supersports 300+…

Notably, it was at the center of the brand’s 110th anniversary celebrations in 2019, with the Chiron Sport 110 Years and its cousin the Centodieci taking over the platform and running gear. https://www.proreviewwatch.co

As for Bugatti, the change of chairman and CEO has brought about earth-shaking changes for the brand, which has developed a habit of releasing a new car every 10 years and a new version every 6 months, and the partnerships that follow. In 2018, Parmigiani Fleurier was responsible for a Divo-related watch whose strap dominated its interior material, as well as several other watches bearing the Bugatti stamp. A year later, Bugatti joins forces with the Jacob & Co manufacturer to create a watch that pushes the limits of modern watchmaking…

The Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon is the name of this engineering marvel born after a year of in-house development. As a reminder, Jacob & Co was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of jewelry for major brands and a few private clients. In 2002, the artisan made watchmaking history with a luxurious five-time zone watch inspired by the lifestyles of his customers. The first implementation featured 5 different dials in one, representing each of the following time zones: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, with a fifth designed for the time the wearer was in. In 2006, the Quanttin made headlines with its 31-day power reserve and tourbillon mounted on the edge of the dial. at last,

Specializing in horological complications, the brand opened a development center in Switzerland and produced a growing number of pieces, mainly adorned with diamonds. Finally, in April 2020, the Manufacture discreetly announced the release of its latest masterpiece, the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon. Visually, this is another watch with a skeletonized dial, but if we look closer, this one houses a miniature replica of the Chiron’s W16 engine. A totally crazy idea that we really like.

The automotive approximation doesn’t stop there, with the famous horseshoe grille embossed with the Bugatti logo on top of the titanium case. The movement is held there by a suspension, again inspired by the automotive world, while the 60-hour power reserve is simply indicated by a fuel gauge to the left of the dial.

The imposing side of the case (diameter 54 mm, thickness 44 mm), the separation of the titanium case and the hollow sapphire imitates the separation of the Chiron, which is the most beautiful effect.

Let’s go back to pure technology and talk about the JCAM37 movement. Its tourbillon, positioned 30° above the clock, provides a power reserve of 60 hours at 21,600 vibrations per hour. While this is the first demonstration of fine watchmaking craftsmanship, the most intriguing is the automatic that sits beneath the tiny W16 engine that moves it. Cut from sapphire and featuring 16 articulated pistons connected by crankshafts that are activated when the corresponding buttons are pressed, this is an impressive mechanism consisting of 578 parts and 51 jewels . The animation then lasts 20 seconds and can be activated 3 times before it has to be wound by the central barrel.

Personally, I especially appreciate the effort the manufacturer put into the details of the W16. As the madness of the Chiron continues, this watch is sure to mark the history of watchmaking in the same way that Bugatti marked the history of the car. As for the aesthetics, of course it’s not the prettiest watch on the market, but I find the readability is still very accurate thanks to the colored hands. The watch is available in three different finishes (titanium black, brushed DLC titanium, rose gold) and I must admit that I am slightly partial to the brushed titanium with the blue dial. Discount replica watches

F1 drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris in racing, Covid-19 and Richard Mille

The pandemic has fundamentally changed our lifestyle, including the way we consume sports.

Competitions and competitions had to be put on hold for a period of time. Participants tested positive and various border restrictions restricted movement.

Perhaps nothing is more impacted than Formula One, where races take turns between cities around the world, attracting millions of tourists to revel in the charm and celebrations surrounding each race. Not to mention, racers, engineers, mechanics, journalists and officials must shuttle between the base and the organization city, as well as logistical planning to ensure that every relevant component arrives on time for the next race.

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz Jr from the McLaren F1 team. Both wear Richard Mille RM 50-03 manual winding tourbillon minute-second chronograph McLaren F1

After a four-month suspension, F1 races resumed in Europe, and some races have already received a small number of spectators-far from the usual standards-to liven up the atmosphere. Before the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the McLaren F1 team and their drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris gave us some time for virtual interviews. Here, they talked about Lewis Hamilton’s record-breaking winning streak, adaptation to Covid-19 and Richard Mille fake watches.

Lewis Hamilton has so far set a new world record of 92 F1 victories (Hamilton has since won his 93rd victory at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix), setting a very high benchmark. Will this put pressure on young drivers like you? Does it feel out of reach for you?

Carlos Sainz Jr.: Not at all; at least not for me personally. I can only control things that are within my control, but my goal is to get the first victory. I don’t even think about seven world championships or 92 victories. When Hamilton retires, I hope it will exceed 100 victories.

My goal is to win one victory, get more podiums, and one day fight for the world championship.

Now in F1, you rely heavily on the machine to have the best car in the right place, at the right time. Hamilton is one of the best drivers in history, and he is likely to chase the world championship year after year with the best car. Thanks to him, because he succeeded in maximizing it more than anyone else.

But for the next generation, I hope that the playing field remains at a super level, and we can all make a breakthrough in the championship battle. We can compete between the two drivers for the world championship and see who is at the top.

How has Covid-19 changed your preparations as an F1 driver? From the driver’s perspective, how do you see the existential threats F1 faces in the future? RICHARD MILLE RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen

Lando Norris: I think the most important thing is that we restart the game. Just a few months ago, we never thought that we would return to the game this year. First of all, that (resuming the game) is a very good thing. We are already introducing more fans to the game and I am glad to see it again. It adds a lot to the atmosphere.

But from our perspective as drivers, I don’t think it has changed much. It’s more about travel and time spent at home, which is a bit different from normal. You can’t go out so much with your friends. You can’t go out and enjoy more of your personal life, whether it’s playing different sports or watching different games-everyone is different now.

But F1 is more important than everything else. When I am at home, it is easy to just stay at home and not do anything else. Except playing golf from time to time, and driving on the simulator. During this period, apart from training, I did not do much other things, I had to do physical training for myself. These are a few things I do in my life now, which is part of the routine of Covid-19. I’m sure that the situation is the same for almost all other drivers, and maybe for everyone who works in F1. This is a pity, it may last for a while. best fake watches

Astronomical Casino

Astronomical Casino: 1 m roulette investment has no return

Time sequence can be everything in the casino. The seat on the right at the right at the right time can be the difference between the accumulated bonus and the victory of the house. Now you can follow the high quality watches of the casino theme on time.

Watches expert Jacob & Co. Established the 2014 ASTROMIA TOURBILLON complex design. This watch is far from their usual high-end fashion and eternal design, with more detailed timetable, there are many details depicting the movement of the sun, the moon and the earth.

This watch seems to be the beginning of Jacob & Co’s new sports. Whoever comes with a new watch made in veins, although this time this time uses a roulette theme. The following is this amazing supplementary detail about astronomical series watches. Jacob & Co.

A special casino inspiration landscape
Whether you are on the line roulette or never step on the foot inside the casino, it is difficult to deny this is a unique watch that has special details and processes. The roulette table will be set to the background of typical day elements above.

The roulette design is creative, subtle but bold enough to turn the head, because there is an unusual design of a roulette on the hand surface. The wheel of the roulette is almost like a monument, or there is a love letter of the most famous casino game throughout the time.

Undoubtedly a unique watch, with a considerable size, not hidden under the shirt sleeve. This is perfect for the casino, it is really a roulette player.

Hand, dial and case
However, the watch is not about aesthetics. The watchmaker that involves using advanced materials and achieves this caliber is the top of the game. This work is equipped with a manufacturer’s internal manual caliber JCAM2A with approximately 60 hours of reserve power supply and runs at 3 Hz.

The internal engine of the watch is hidden below for additional protection. However, it is visible when peeping through a first-class casing. For anyone who needs to blow a watch, in the convenience of convenience, the two keys are on the back of the housing, but closely seal to maintain complex aesthetics of the casino inspiration watch.

You can try your luck in Patentcasino to play casino games, and try to explore the award bonus to afford this special casino watch!