Another bold Corum Golden Bridge watch

Corum Ti-Bridge Automatic Dual Winder Replica Watch 207.201.04/0F61 0000 Titanium - Leather Strap

Although the fashion trend is coming, the best Corum Golden Bridge high-end watches are left. Since its establishment in 1980, this unique timer has always been an alternative to the main trend of the watch industry. Now, the Golden Bridge family has achieved a new concept with six versions of the past, which is different from unusual design and emphasizing its architectural appearance.

The foundation of the new design concept is widespread use of the black diamond carbon coating DLC ​​of the housing, border and buckle. These details describe their depth and create bright contrast with white or rose gold dough mechanisms, which seems to attract light.

According to Jérômebiard, the basic principles of the high-end fake luxury watches of Golden Bridge is the exemplary of their bread mechanism. Since 1980, their design has been aim to ensure that it is attracting all the mechanisms. The new model is an example of vivid examples of this principle. Titanium and DLC coatings give cases rough and modern appearance, and famous caliber, it is impressive, elegant, and appears in this frame.

Similarly, the multi-functional and relevance bread mechanisms are still the same sculpture, and the design supplements specialized in Coral Masters. The signature geometry of its cross bridge brought the best engineering, first of all, this hanging bridge as a Golden Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge. The entire concept is perfectly integrated into the art world of poetry, which is closely related to La Chaux-de-fonds, which has the ability to interested in art and its ability to surpass the clock.

This surprising high-end watches are presented in two versions – made of white or rose gold. The change is related to the material of the mechanism, hand, the inner edge, the crown and screw, and the housing mechanism is used to connect to the housing. Other elements are made of black. In particular, coral sugar first uses the black rubber bracelet of the Jinqiao time device, in which case the rib surface and engraved the name of the brand. Corum Golden Bridge copy watch