Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller 126600 Steel – Steel Bracelet

Rolex Oyster type constant motion sea envoy 116600 repeatedly “sea envoy” is the representative model of Lao, which integrates Rolex’s precision and durability, and is the spokesman of social people’s running and cash out. Well, today I’m lucky that my left hand loves my right hand, and I think to myself: if one day I become a social person, which one can run fast?

The difference between the 2017 new Rolex Oyster type constant motion sea envoy 126600 126600 and 116600 is that, at one glance, the red character “sea-dweller” on the dial is prominently displayed on the dark dial of 126600, which can’t be avoided. By contrast, the 116600 dial is a little “vegetarian”. Will there be “double scarlet letter” or Sao LAN in the next year or the debut of Hai emissary?

The new 43 mm watch diameter is 40 mm compared with the old one (the watch suddenly became the old one a year ago!) It’s not as conspicuous and heavy as 3mm in my hand, and it’s at least more convergent than the fashion watch with 46mm caliber on the market. The second-hand merger is inseparable.

Another prominent feature of 126600 is that the calendar window with three-point scale corresponds to the convex lens at the position of the mirror. According to research, Lao is the “founder” of the convex lens of the calendar window. It seems that the 2017 edition of the emissary will spare no effort to implement its classic spirit. It’s no wonder that the breakthrough of classics is to highlight classics without destroying them. It suddenly occurred to me that N years ago, a master watchmaker said that if the convex lens was not pasted on the watch mirror due to the sea, he was afraid that under the extremely high pressure of the deep sea, the watch mirror would break due to uneven stress. Until now, this statement has not been broken without words. I remember that at that time, I foolishly looked for the physical textbook for proofreading. I can only say that I seriously recognized the word “Zhiba”. The words of the brick family, as far as reality is concerned, can’t be trusted completely.

Until now, one of the great achievements of mechanical watch is that it is no less accurate than quartz watch. One of Lao’s great achievements is to continuously develop new materials and processes, and maintain the reputation of precision and durability. The 126600 is equipped with 3235 movement, which is the first time Lao has applied the new movement developed and successfully launched last year to its sports style. 3235 is much better. In short, it is more accurate and durable than the original 3135. The power storage reaches 70 hours, 20 hours more than the 3135! Talking about mechanical watch, we can’t avoid mechanical movement.

The bellybutton on the nine point scale of the case – the helium discharging valve, the ceramic rotating watch ring and the glidelock chain link can adjust the watch chain, as about.

One of Rolex’s achievements in launching new models is to push up the second-hand price of old models. Think about the price of today’s “antique” 16600. My conscience is aching. But I really can’t understand the price of Rolex’s Antiques, so up to now, I’m still at peace with my heart for “double scarlet letter” and “single scarlet letter”, whether it’s a surprise to friends on the auction ground or the real thing in front of me. Lao’s precision and durability are reflected in the practicality and reliability of its design, and the new will win the old. If you want to stir fry it, why do you have no words? Why do you have to be a sea emissary.

The blue luminous effect on the scale is first-class. This is made of a layer of platinum film deposited on it by PVD coating technology, and then filled with luminescent materials, which is brighter and more durable. The design of the new 216600 has a more sense of technology from inside to outside. For Rolex, the new design of the next year may be more unpredictable, but I think that column “sea-dweller” is more suitable for Sao blue.

Brain Mending: when you need to cash in when you run, ask “real labor or fake labor?” , or “antique or new?”. Don’t be afraid to say that Dai Xinai runs fast! Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller 126600 Steel – Steel Bracelet

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller 126600 Steel - Steel Bracelet